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Aug 4, 2012 08:47 AM

Keego Harbor Specialty Sausage & Charcuterie Co. [DTW]

I must be blind. For the past four [count'm 4] months I've driven by this operation
without noticing them. It's on the big curve ... formerly a flower, plant & garden
store. Long before that, a gas station.

Anyone shopped or lunched at this recent establishment?

On the weekends; they have a grill setup outside with samples. During the week,
they have a limited sandwich menu - taken from a much larger selection in their
refrigerator cases. Pulled port, brisket, smoked corned beef, Italian sausage (sweet
or spicy), muffuletta & gumbo.

They grind and smoke in-house. The rest of their inventory is sourced from other
Michigan producers.

If I wasn't headed for a BBQ this afternoon/evening, I'd have ordered lunch. I tried
all the samples. They seemed promising - certainly worthy of another visit. But my
memories the smoked kielbasa from's in Rogers City, says that's is
better. I'm kicking myself for not paying attention to the buns & rolls they use ....

Perhaps I can coax Boagman or GG to meet for lunch during the week.



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    1. I've had their Italian beef and some of the sausage and found it to be worth the stop. I need to get back and try their cheese-steak next.

      1. I tried their Italian sausage today. It includes cooked peppers and onions.

        The sausage is a coarse grind; just as I like it. I would have preferred a bit more pepper ... and perhaps sage. Ergo; I like Vinnie's Italian sausage a bit better - but Vinnie's is not worth
        the 76 mile round-trip. This will do just fine. Price $5.99

        I do like Keego's roll/bun more than Vinnie's (and Gabriel's).

        There are two tables along the side of the bldg.

        Later in the week, I will tried their smoked corned beef sandwich.

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        1. re: rainsux

          Looking forward to that report.

          1. re: VTB

            off topic but the party store right by there on orchard lake rd at commerce has giant deli sandwiches and a large selection of them...just thought I would mention it, as it is pretty off the radar

        2. Another report:

          Tried the smoked corned beef and seafood gumbo.

          The smoked corned beef is available as two different sandwiches;
          with swiss cheese; or with BBQ sauce. I chose the BBQ edition,
          my lunch companion chose the swiss cheese.

          Great smokey flavor. Good corned beef. Good roll. The BBQ sauces was not to my
          liking. Not KC, not Carolina ... different. It was not "bad" ... but I wouldn't order it again.
          My lunch companion liked her "w/swiss cheese" version and would order it again.

          The seafood gumbo was also a let down. Not very seafoodie. No real heat. I will not
          order again.

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          1. re: rainsux

            Second weekend for me (Thanks Rainsux). Last weekend it was Hungarian sausage cooked by them (good spice but a bit overcooked for my taste) and Keego brats for home. The sub roll was awesome and I found the brat texture a bit soft for my style but the taste was very good.

            I have been on the hunt for Montreal smoked meat and was literally about to head to Windsor when I read RS's review on smoked corned beef. I've not had neither Montreal nor smoked CB before but the review swayed me to try here. Mark and Sherri (owners) were there and while they made the sandwiches Mark took me through some of the other products. They are doing berkshire baby back ribs and uses Duroc for the primary sausages.

            They have a number of inventive sausaqge recipes so you won't tire of the array. They also have their own smoker so it's really just a matter of Mark's creativity.

            Back to the Smoked Corn beef on Ciabata with swiss and spicy mustard; when they brought the sandwich to be wrapped I had to have them cut and wrap 1/2 before even getting started. I would guess and easy 8oz of meat on a 6x6 ciabatta ( from Walled lake).

            The meat was tangy and they gave me a handful of napkins. I could have used a couple more as it is that moist. Tangy and the beef, cure and smoke all come through.

            They have two cafe tables under roof on the side and that's a great place to take the drooling edge off before you get home.

            I don't know how RS ate the whole thing in one go as it is a true meal but the terrific taste will definitely push you to try.

            1. re: goatgolfer

              > I don't know how RS ate the whole thing in one go

              I am a pig. Oink! Oink! (I also ate nothing else that day.)

          2. Yesterday, while hoovering the smoked corned beef, I noticed that the sandwich board listed two [2] Italian sausage sandwiches: Sweet or Hot (Spicy). On my first visit, all I can recall ordering
            was, "Italian sausage."

            Today I returned for the Hot (spicy) Italian sausage. Excellent! I like it better than Vinnie's ...