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Aug 4, 2012 08:37 AM

Royal Orchid Thai

Anyone remember when it was on Nicollet and it was good. They have moved to Columbia Heights and I went with my Thai Daughter and both of us were impressed. Bangkock style food. The menu is small and they did a great job with the Panang Curry, Tri-Flavored Fish, Pahd Siew and the Pahd Thai was balanced. Well worth a try. Wine and Beer available.
4022 Central Ave NE, Columbia Heights

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  1. I remember 20+ years ago enjoying the whole fish (deep fried I think with a sweet and spicy sauce ?) with friends at the old old 19th and nicollet location. I didn't have a lot of places to compare it to then but I liked it.

    I also ate once at the Royal Orchid after they moved into a Roseville strip mall location. I am pretty certain the veg in my curry was dumped out of a bag of frozen vegtables. This is probably 10 plus years ago.

    It sounds like they are heading back in the right direction

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      The Roseville experience was one that should have been missed. They even mention on their website about the shortcomings of past.

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        The Roseville experience was horrible, if you ordered off the lunch menu. They'd prepare giant batches of mediocre food.

        Ordering off the regular menu was a much better experience, if you knew what to order, or talked to the owner. The curry sauce noodles were good, as was the Moslem Salad. (Or, if you got to know the owner, whatever she could make using what they had that was fresh - often off menu.)

        They're capable of good things. Motivation has always been a challenge.

    2. Was that that god awful place in the skyway? If it is thank god they shut down a month or so ago. Poor excuse for Thai food.

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        Yes - it's been the same owners - at least through the beginning of the Skyway place (and maybe still). It was my wife's favorite Thai place 20 years ago and she and I have tried all of the incarnations before giving up at the skyway. Perhaps we'll have to try the new place sometime.

      2. This place has been popping up and different locales since I was born, it seems. Up for any place that gets back to basics.

        1. The food was amazing. I had eaten at Chiang Mail when it e
          Was in Roseville and didn't like it but thi
          s was entirely new restaurant and absolutely fantastic. It was very authentic Thai and delicious.

          Had eaten are Chain Mail Thai in Roseville and didn't like it It now has wonderful authentic Thai food and it is fantastic.

          1. I visited Royal orchid in Hites fri night.Walked in around 6 pm and we were the only ones here.We had the egg rolls and cream cheese wonton apps.The egg rolls were great and were the best "chinese style" egg rolls Ive had in the twin cities in 20 yrs living here.The wontons were fair and npt much filling.It went downhill from there.We had the pad thai,a coconut sauced noodle dish,and a chicken w broccoli dish.The coconut sauce dish was a bowl of un thickened and unseasoned coconut milk with noodles and small bits of chicken topped with some dried sweet onions.Really just bowl of plain thin coconut milk.Not what we expected.The pad thai and chick stir fry were uneatable as both had 2 off tastes in each.1 was a fishy taste and the other off flavor were unmatched seasonings.We didnt eat the pad thai and chicken/broccoli.I believe the owner was present speaking with 1 other table of diners that arrive after us. We wont return