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Aug 4, 2012 08:05 AM

Questions for Lactose Intolerance Folks

My boyfriend is LI. He is 27 and we discovered this a several months (possibly a year) ago. He went to his dr and she basically said there is no test and to just avoid dairy.

It normally takes ~ 24 hours for the symptoms to start and then he will be on the toilet after approximately 48 hours.

If he accidentally puts (real) butter on his toast instead of margarine (lactose free) he will be on the toilet.
Almost all cake frosting (we have gone to a ton of weddings) will result in him being on the toilet.
But almost no wedding cake (if he doesn't eat the frosting) will result in him being on the toilet.

We bought vegan cheese and didn't realize there was casein in it. If he eats the cheese in high quantity (making pizza) he will not feel well even if it is lactose free.

Is this normal? How do we know what he can or can not eat?

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  1. When in doubt...Rite Aid /CVS Pharmacy carries Fast Acting dairy relief supplement. There are 2 strengths. Take 2-3 (original) tabs vs. 1 tab (extra strength) taken with first bite of dairy food, or drink. Has worked for me better than the named brand products (less $ too). I basically carry some with me at all times. You never know when you might meet up with some delicious cheese, or ice cream.

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      Unfortunately, those supplements do not work for him anymore. Thanks though.

    2. I have had severe to the point of two days bedridden in pain and no gut motility lactose intolerance for years.... then it went away for a year, then came back, rinse and repeat. For me, taking a high dose probiotic does the trick, due to long term antibiotic therapy, I guess. I also take lactase tabs before any meal, 9000 units at least. He might want to try a probiotic with about 35 billion live organisms per capsule from the refrigerator section of a natural foods store, plus lactase. Also, you can buy Lacteez drops online to put into any milk or cream you will use over time at home.

      I should add that I can often go months or even a year without using lactase if I keep up probiotics and am off of antibiotics.

      This stuff helps, too, in my experience.

      1. It's strange that the doctor said there's no test. My daughter took a lactose breath test with a gastroenterologist who diagnosed her. There's no lactose in casein - he might be allergic to dairy (this is different from lactose intolerance). Try a gastointerologist and also an allergist.

        1. I'm not a health professional, but this doesn't sound like lactose intolerance to me. I have a child who is lactose intolerant, and so have done lots of personal research. He can't eat milk chocolate, as it bothers him, but butter is no problem. If lactose is the issue, the dairy products that have been treated with lactase should be fine, as there is no lactose left to digest.

          I think your BF needs to see another doctor...

          1. I have family members who are severely lactose intolerant. Butter, while dairy, does not contain lactose. Even many hard cheeses do not contain lactose (or very, very small quantities - read the nutrition label, if it says "0 grams of sugar" in a serving, then there is no lactose, or less than is required to be reported for a serving), such as mozzarella and cheddar. Plus, people I know how are lactose intolerant are usually symptomatic within hours - much, much sooner than the 24 hours you are describing.

            I agree with sherrib - he should see a gastroenterologist and/or an allergist to find the real culprit.

            Best of luck to both of you!