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Aug 4, 2012 07:36 AM

Heidi's Bavarian Bakery in Ridgewood- Finally, German Bread in NJ!!

This is from my Yelp posting-

In my 12 year quest for real Deutche Broetchen (German Rolls), I've travelled across the country, chowhounded to death the topic, have checked out any and every German-sounding bakery I can get my German-bread loving hands on. Save for the sadly closed Rheinland bakery in Mt. Clemens Michigan, I have never come this close to the real german bread deal as I have at Heidi's. Their kuerbiskern broetchen (be still my heart- pumpkinseed rolls!!) are good enough to save me a plane trip & jet lag to Frankfurt.. They are not cheap (rolls are $1 each), and the dress code of Heidi-esque Bavarian attire is a bit over the top, but this place is the real deal. Score 10 points for Ridgewood!

Don't know the phone and, of yet, there's no website
Here's the address:

Heidi's Bavarian Bakery
43 East Ridgewood Ave
Ridgewood, NJ 07450

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  1. Sounds promissing...

    Did you ever try the Old German Bakery in Hoboken? In Germany this would be called a "Konditorei" but bread and rolls are great, too. If you are jonesing for a cup of German drip coffee that's the spot.

    Old German Bakery
    332 Washington St
    Hoboken, NJ 07030

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    1. re: stfwschaefer

      I'm more of a Backeri vs. Konditorei kinda Frualein, and I've not been there, but a friend of mine brought me a kuerbiskern broetchen from good, but Heidi's was definitely the winner there. However, your mention of German drip coffee's got me salivating a bit...I might have to venture that way for a decent Tasse Kaffee.

      1. re: sixelagogo

        @ sixelagog
        I don't really understand, you are such big german bread lover,have checked out any and every German-sounding bakery but you have't been at the Old German Bakery even once. tried just one item. that was it? what about the love? :)
        But i'm so glad for you, that you finally have find the right place.
        i wish heidis good luck. Maybe i can try it one day. :))

        1. re: sweetsweet

          It was closed by the time I got there, but a friend did bring me a pumpkinseed roll from Old German. It was decent, though not revolutionary & in a head to head, Heidi's is for the win. Mind you, the roll wasn't eaten as fresh as it should have been (evening vs. morning) and the setting was boozy. I may need to get my ass down there & do a real side-by side.

      2. re: stfwschaefer

        i know the Old German Bakery in Hoboken. I agree. It's such a great place. i go every week there. They have great staff and the coffee is just right.

      3. Heidi's is okay taste-wise, but I was looking them up on Ridgewood patch and apparently they are selling mostly defrosted food. The owners will tell you it's fresh, but it's not: If you like the rolls, maybe you can order them online from the company that makes them and save money! :) hope that helps!

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        1. re: BronzeMidnight

          "I have never come this close to the real german bread deal as I have at Heidi's. Their kuerbiskern broetchen (be still my heart- pumpkinseed rolls!!) are good enough to save me a plane trip & jet lag to Frankfurt.. "

          Looking forward to trying: "Old German Bakery in Hoboken," but have attended Heidis many times.

          If you haven't been, Ridgewood NJ is a great area with a lot of charm and heidis doesn't disappoint.

          "Heidi's is okay taste-wise,"

          I'm Biased, after enjoying 20+ cups of coffee with various sides I would have to say things are better than "okay."

          To me, this seems pretty straight forward: If the baked goods weren't from Germany, they would be "German Style" but locally sourced, leading into question the authenticity of their Brand.

          Asking the owners, Heidi's (openly) conveys it imports (almost) everything from Germany, but bakes everything on site.
          The furniture, decore, goods (which exception to their italian coffee & cold drinks ie:coca-cola) and even the owners come directly from Germany, all in effort to keep things authentic; their style is simplistic, contemporary and clean.

          From a business standpoint, not unlike: Starbucks, Alterra or CPK, they have a lock on the way their operation works with a controlled model which would suggest scalability. While they assemble things (imported from Germany) and bake things daily via oven to maintain consistency, by design, it would appear they are looking to grow a chain/franchise/wholesale model after using their first store to test the market.

          At the end of the day, their German Dark Roast coffee and baked goods hit the spot and the owners/employees maintain a pleasant atmosphere. I wish the growing family the best in what is most likely a very promising future!