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Aug 4, 2012 06:46 AM

Omnivore visiting NY with an herbivore

A friend from L.A. will be taking an 18-year old to New York next month for a few days as a graduation present. The young girl is a vegetarian, a very un-adventurous one at that. I'm told she won't eat Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, Indian, etc., which eliminates many possibilities. She may eat Italian. What are the not-super-expensive options where both can eat well? The other woman will eat most anything.

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  1. What do you mean by "not-super-expensive"? $20pp before tax and tip? $40pp before tax and tip?

    Some ideas off the top of my head...

    Italian/pizza - Scarpetta (more pricey BUT they have a very large vegetarian menu on request), Hearth (ditto, most dishes can be made vegetarian), Motorino, Otto, Eataly's Le Verdure restaurant, Paulie Gee's, South Brooklyn Pizza
    American - Westville, Northern Spy (they also have a stand on the High Line now), The Green Table, Gramercy Tavern (the front room is cheaper/more casual), S'mac, Crif Dogs (has vegetarian hot dogs)
    Burger - Shake Shack (shroom burger)
    Sandwiches - Tiny's, 'wichcraft, No. 7 Sub, Parm (eggplant parm)
    Middle Eastern - Taim (they have a truck, too), King of Falafel and Shawarma (also has a cart), Babaloosta, Hummus Place

    None of these are super high end.

    There some open air markets like Hester St Fair, New Amsterdam Market, or Smorgasburg which will have a mix of omnivore and herbivore options.

    My vegetarian friends also like the Cinnamon Snail truck, check the menu if that's too adventurous.

    1. They could try John's of 12th Street. Pretty traditional "red-sauce" Italian food, but they are very accommodating to vegans and vegetarians.

      1. My vege friends always take me to Angelica Kitchen in the East Village. I rarely eat vegetarian, but always enjoy this place.

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          +1 for angelica's. They have interesting dishes but if your friend isn't adventurous they have an amazing tofu w/ pesto sandwich and wonderful soups. The food is really good and should also keep a non-veggie happy.

        2. My husband (omnivore) and I (vegetarian) had a lovely dinner at Ma Peche week before last.