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Aug 4, 2012 06:45 AM

Chinatown suggestions for dinner tonight

I've been to Chinatown a few times, primarily for dim sum and once to Peach Farm. I'm looking to try something new and, of course, delicious. Only dietary restriction is that I don't eat pork. Any particular dishes in chinatown that I must try immediately?

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  1. Go to Best Little Restaurant and get the minced chicken/string bean lettuce wraps, salt & pepper fried shrimp, any kind of seafood (scallops, clams) with chopped garlic, soy duck/tofu, don't miss their west lake (beef and cilantro) soup. And if your dining companions eat pork, have them get the salt & pepper pork chops, and the garlic ribs

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    1. re: Luther

      if you go to Best Little Restaurant, also get the golden fried tofu w/ jumbo prawns and chive (it's listed as with conch but you can request jumbo prawns instead). Another dish you will see ordered a lot there is the Empress chicken which they do a good rendition of (cold hacked brined chicken). Their ginger-scallion lobster is usually reliable too. PS. On a hot day like today, you might try to byob and see what happens ;)

      1. re: Luther

        Isn't that dish minced pork with long bean? (in lettuce wrap).

        1. re: StriperGuy

          It's listed as "minced meat and string bean with lettuce wraps"; it's minced pork (I haven't seen a chicken version of it on this menu), long beans cut into short lengths, and about a whole head of iceberg lettuce, probably enough for two dozen wraps. A steal at $11. Picture attached.

          I'm also a fan of the minced beef / Chinese parsley soup, the empress chicken (even the half is a lot), crispy fried squab, and squid in XO sauce.

          1. re: MC Slim JB

            Haha oops. I've seen it most commonly with squab in Hong Kong, must've made some connection in my mind that it would be chicken around Boston.