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Aug 4, 2012 12:58 AM

ISO Envy apple

Hi - does anybody know where I can find Envy apples...they been sold at select retailers and i was hoping that somebody may have come across them

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  1. i was curious re: Envy apple -- and i see that the official corporate website of this New Zealand apple shows a North America contact in Coquitlam BC

    have you ever tried the Ambrosia apple? it's a genuine Cdn Similkameen Valley apple ---

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    1. re: Georgia Strait

      If Ambrosias are similar to Envys then allow me to second the suggestion. And we are getting close to local apple season too, yay!

      1. re: grayelf

        i have neer to my knowledge tasted an Envy (strainge name but interesting marketing ad - see likn above) --- but i will do my best to buy only CDN ---

        which brings me to recent CDN cherry concerns --- they have abondoned the crop cuz it's allegedly cheaper from other places --- from what i understand, this happened back east too. See the news websites. or or ---- it involves politics and consumer choices.

        1. re: Georgia Strait

          So sad! I won't buy the American ones even when they are 1/4 the price because they don't taste as good and are kinda flabby and unevenly ripe. The farmers' markets were still bringing in BC cherries as of Wed and that's where I buy 'em, albeit for $3 or $4 a pound. Still worth it for the freshness, juiciness, firmness and flavour IMO. I only eat cherries for a few weeks a year and I want the good ones!

    2. I think I saw them at Country Farms in Richmond at hwy 99 and Steveston last week.

      1. I remember Envy apples from at least a couple years ago. At their peak, they're VERY sweet and crunchy...almost TOO sweet, like candy! Nature's candy!

        We bought tons of them when they were available and shared them with family. But again, this was at least a couple years ago and we can't remember seeing them since. They grow them in Washington State.

        1. They have them at Nester's on Main right now (NZ import, not WA).

          1. I used to get them at Donald's Market on East Hastings Street corner of Nanaimo and Hastings. I remember getting some in January/February.

            I don't know if they still sell them. I moved from Vancouver and do not get into town that often. I suggest you call them and seen if they still carry them.