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Aug 3, 2012 11:20 PM

Ethiopian in Worthington, MN

We were driving from South Dakota to Chicago on I-90, and did a little smart phone research for lunch at the next town (which turned out to be Worthington). One of the options that popped up was African; a place called Queen Sheba. We said, Ethiopian in rural MN?!??

So we took a chance and it was awesome. I've eaten my way throw Dupont Circle in DC and some of the Ethiopian in Chicago; it was some of the best I've had. I don't think she gets a lot of non-Ethopian traffic, as the spice level was dialed way down for us (although that could have also been attributable to the 3 kids I had with me).

It is a little hard to find, so here are some hints. The restaurant is located in the former lobby of a former hotel. The front pillars of the building are painted green, yellow, and red, and the front still reads "Hotel Thompson".

The food takes a while to arrive, but you will be glad when it does. If I was passing through, I would call ahead from the road and ask for the sampler platter.

Also: the name has changed; I lost the receipt bearing the new name and can't remember the spelling.

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  1. Thank you so much for this info. . . It can be so hard to find something interesting to eat in Worthington (though I must acknowledge that I haven't been there in years). Will definitely hit Queen Sheba next time I'm in Worthington.

    1. I was in Worthington today for the first time in years. Tried Queen Sheba for dinner. Had I not had my GPS and rapruitt's tips, would never have known it was there.

      I walked in to super thick nag champa smoke. Like so thick I could hardly see to the back of the restaurant. This doesn't bother me but might bother others.

      I ordered the vegetarian platter with injera. The platter included on piece of injera, four stews, and a salad. Stews were mildly spiced split green peas (yum; a cabbage, carrot, tomato, and jalapeno sautee (pretty good but not amazing); sautéed greens (I'd guess collards? These would have been super yummy had they not had a fair amount of grit in them); and some sort if chili lentils (I didn't care so much for this one. . . It tasted a lot like jarred pasta sauce to me).

      They gave me a complimentary fry bread with honey, which made me feel very welcome.

      All in all it was an interesting experience and the food was good enough, but I think I will explore some of the other places in Worthington.