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Aug 3, 2012 11:18 PM

Palm Springs -- open in August?

My first trip to Palm Springs is in two weeks, and all the restaurants I want to try (Cheeky's, Jake's, Vallurius) are closed for the summer. What do you recommend that's actually open? My best friend and I love good food but that can mean anything from an excellent taco truck to an expensive steakhouse. We avoid chains and would prefer to find places with character and (of course) delicious food.

Please help! Don't know the area at all and my research here has only turned up places that are "closed for the season."


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  1. Darn, the Cheeky's family of restaurants (Cheeky, Birba, Jiao) are all the best but are all closed for the next couple of weeks. Places you might want to try include:

    Taqueria Tlaquepaque (on Sunny Dunes) - not catering to tourists, very good and not very expensive, breakfast lunch and dinner

    Kings Highway in Ace Hotel on E Palm Canyon - converted ex-Denny's in fun hipster hotel, pretty good food though not always awesome

    Norma's at Parker Meridian - maybe overpriced, but nice outdoor space with very cool architecture and design, and I have had good food there

    two restaurants at other hipster restaurant on E Palm Canyon, Saguaro - restaurants are Tinto (more expensive, tapas-ish) and El Jefe (tequila, tacos, etc., with very excellent chocolate dessert)

    Palm Greens Cafe - organic, veg-friendly, not posh but certainly nice enough decor, really friendly and good food.

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      Thank you! Saved your list as a reference for the trip.

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        You must try TRIO on Palm fav place in Palm Springs..everything I've had there is excellent and affordable...wonderful wine list too! Also THE STEAKHOUSE located in the SPA RESORT and CASINO is DEELICIOUS! A little more pricey but has and excellent dinner for two for about $49 last time I was there! Enjoy!

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        I hear that Linda at the Ace hotel/Kings Highway Monday night is a riot with cocktails, bingo and Streisand showtunes..