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Aug 3, 2012 10:37 PM


So.. going to be in Vegas for a couple of days. Probably going to do "bruch" or early lunch one day but have two days for breakfast. Going to Tableau one of those days; so if you had one other day to choose between Mozen and Bouchon which one would you choose and why? Will be pretty early that day (about 7:00am). Thanks in advance

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  1. I've never eaten at Mozen, so can't do a comparison, but if this day is a weekend day, the issue might be settled -- Bouchon doesn't open until 8 on Saturday or Sunday, but Mozen is open at 7 every day.

    1. i have eaten breakfast at both mozen and bouchon more than once. both are great! bouchon has more of a bistro feel, while mozen is very peaceful and very luxurious. if i had to chose, i'd chose bouchon, but you can't lose either way.

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        Both are great. Bouchon is more French American Bistro while Mozen is more Zen Asian Americana (I just made that For a more quiet location choose Mozen, for a busier and more bustling atmosphere go to Bouchon. I like Tableau as well, maybe even more than both.

      2. Bouchon. Chicken and waffles. No need to say any more :-) (the more traditional breakfast stuff is awesome too)