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Aug 3, 2012 08:08 PM

linguafood - quick question while cooking your recipe! HELP!

I am making your caponata recipe that you posted. It calls for raisins and toasted almonds - but doesn't mention it in the cooking process? Help - I am almost finished with this! Do they truly belong in caponata?

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  1. I can't be certain but inasmuch as you haven't gotten an answer from the OP in about three hours I might suggest that you add in those ingredients at the end of the process after the caponada has cooled for a short time; still warm but somewhat cooler than when it comes off the fire. At least that's where I'd add them in that recipe.

    1. I think it may depend on if the raisins have been soaked to plump them up. If so, then adding them at the end will be fine. If not, then they're going to need to go in earlier to give them time to plump.

      Dunno about the almonds. Is the recipe using them instead of pine nuts? If so, then in at the end sounds right.

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        I agree. Normally, raisins would need to be plumped up for this recipe. Wonder why the author didn't cover that.

      2. Ugh, so sorry I only saw this now (gorgeous day out in Berlin today, and nobody knows how long it'll last this time).

        The toasted almonds go in at the end, you kinda sprinkle them all over before you serve the caponata once it's sat for a day and you've taken it out to get to room temperature.

        As for the raisins -- they go in along with the capers, eggplant, tomato sauce, etc. stuff. I never noticed that they're not mentioned in that step, thanks for catching that. I'll have to add this.

        Hope it's not too late (you may well be able to add them before you put the caponata in the fridge, since it should sit for *at least *4 hours* for the flavors to mingle before serving.

        *I know the recipe calls for 8, and I generally make this a day ahead (also cuz it's quite a bit of work and I sleep late :-D), but 4-5 may well do the trick.

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          Hey linguafood, can you post a link to your recipe? I didn't find it in a search. I have a recipe that I love (it's one of those with cocoa powder added), but I'm always happy to try a new one!

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            thanks - having never made caponata ever - I thought that both ingredients seemed perhaps "misplaced" when you didn't mention them in the directions - anyway - I added them in while it was all still simmering! Everyone loved it at the beach on Saturday and at the BBQ on Sunday! I felt it was a bit too sweet - missing the brineyness that I thought it might have - so I added a few squirts of Olive Paste and mixed it up. And it does make a ton! Good recipe! Thank you!

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              Interesting that you found it on the sweet side. I wonder if I had reduced the sugar from the original recipe, but didn't change it (kinda like not adding the info about the raisins and the toasted almonds :-)) in the recipe.

              It should have the perfect balance between acidity and sweetness.

              1. re: linguafood

                Had to revisit to let you know how much better it even gets as it sits in the fridge! Really a good recipe! Thanks - it's a keeper! I am wondering - what do you eat it with? We have been using Carr's water crackers - and carrots.

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                  Honestly, I eat it as is. I don't eat much by way of bread or crackers these days, so I just have it as an antipasto or side dish.

                  Because it makes such a large amount, I also usually only make it for dinner or potluck parties, so it juste sits on the table with other apps such as caprese or roasted fennel... you get the picture.

                  And yes -- it really does get better over time. It lasts about a week in the fridge, theoretically.... but I hardly ever have leftovers unless I save them before serving :-)