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Aug 3, 2012 07:55 PM

where to find 100% buckwheat noodles?

i am trying to avoid gluten and would rather have japanese buckwheat noodles not contain wheat.. have looked high and low but cannot find it in stores.. even in J-town (reading the ingredients on the different packages, looks like most brands contain some buckwheat and some wheat). know where i can get 100% buckwheat? i have also looked in chinatown and koreatown.. same thing from what i can tell.. did i miss a store in one of these places?

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  1. Where's J-Town? I can't confirm if you'll find what you want, but the Eastern Europeans are HUGE on buckwheat. Go to a Starsky's and look out - it's buckwheat paradise. Everything from grains and flours to noodles...

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      J Town is a small Japanese shopping Centre in Markham (Steeles & Vic Park)

    2. Pretty sure Ted can do it if you order in advance on Soba Tuesday. I am not 100% sure of this as I haven't been in awhile but you can call them to see.

      1. I think authentic Japanese soba is not made from 100% buckwheat. That would make it too heavy. Your best bet is probably to look in health food stores. If you happen to be a member of a food co-op, they'd probably even order them for you by the case. Eden makes them, but they're kind of expensive (around $6.50US for an 8 oz package). My co-op sometimes carries a brand called King Soba, an organic all-buckwheat soba that's about $3.50US for a 8.8 oz package. They sell it on a lot of gluten-free websites, too.

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          they sell this at Qi Health Food stores on Bloor (both locations) and Fiesta Farms.

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            Big Carrot on the Danforth carries them, around 3.50 a bag.

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            Authentic Japanese Soba is made from 100% Buckwheat.

            Well, a type of it is anyway. There are different names for different types depending on kind of Buckwheat, kind of added flour, and how much Buckwheat content is in the Soba noodle.

            100% Buckwheat Soba is called Juwari Soba. Usually made to order as it falls apart easily due to the nature of Buckwheat not being able to stick together.

            1. re: Notorious P.I.G.

              Yes, but I've only seen this kind made to go straight into the water, kind of like spaetzel, never sold pre-made in fresh or dried pasta form. Don't think that would work for the OP. I'm pretty sure the vast majority of Japanese soba, even in ultra-authentic places in Japan, has wheat flour in it for texture and lightness of flavor.

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                Well, Aser provided a link to it in dry pasta form and I provided a link to it if the OP wanted it made fresh. Which is really the best way to eat 100% buckwheat soba.

                The vast majority of Japanese Soba comes in a lot of different forms but it's not like 100% buckwheat soba is scarce or anything. There's a machine that makes it now that restaurants use there, and there's actually still a ton of people doing it by hand. As far as the flavor goes, a lot of Soba Ya in Japan believe that the most flavorfull soba are the ones made from 100% buckwheat which is why they choose not to blend.

          3. Found some at both my local health food store (Health Plus in Ajax) and RCSS in the Natural Value section, Eden brand

            1. I've bought buckwheat noodles at Sanko at 740 Queen St. West. i'm pretty sure they were 100% buckwheat. They have an amazing selection of japanese products.