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Aug 3, 2012 06:50 PM

How much will I pay at Tickets?

I've searched recent posts on Tickets, and I've seen the online menu, but I'm not sure yet how much to budget for dinner at Tickets. The menu prices look quite reasonable, considering, but I realize the plates are small, and anticipate I'll need to order several to make a meal, but it's difficult to gauge whether I'm likely to end up near 50 euros or 70, or more (per person, not including wine). What should I expect?

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  1. Maybe too late to help you. I've been reading a good bit about Tickets on tripadvisor which has more info. So much here is just about getting res. It seems that 160 euros including wine is what a good number for two people. One person posted that they spent 180 but had too much food and wine.