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Aug 3, 2012 05:36 PM

Via Allegro

Has anyone been in the last few months? Thoughts/

Some friends are staying out at the airport and we want to go out there to meet them for dinner. Mississauga or even Etobicoke is fine.

Not Chinese (The Grand) or sushi (Sushi Kaji).

Any suggestions?

Thanks hounds.

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  1. Sorry haven't been there for a while. Perhaps the lack of response is an indication of many poor reviews in the past. Better bet would be La Castille. Food's good and dramatic decoration should impress a visitor.

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    1. re: mexivilla

      I was there a few months ago and can't remember any problems - I believe it was fine. I agree with mex that you have some steak options nearby, you can also consider 1800 degrees. Some folks also like the Black Angus for a more old school experience (although I haven't been). In that neighbourhood (Bloor and Royal York), there's also Merlot, Vibo and Casa Barcelona that may fit your bill.

    2. Just went last night.. had Three Kings and Seafood pasta... worked for me and service was great!