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Aug 3, 2012 05:22 PM

What to do between Bi-Rite and Humphrey Slocombe

I was looking to take a walk from Bi-Rite and Humphrey Slocombe, with a stop for brunch in between at Nombe. Any other food (or otherwise) destinations between them that I should be certain not to miss?

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  1. That's all of the Mission - on of SF's great food neighborhoods. You can start with Tartine and Delfina - but note that you haven't left the Bi-Rite block yet. This could take a while....

    Maybe you could be more specific as to what your interests are?

    1. Craftsman and Wolves, Dynamo donuts ( bit further), Xanath (vanilla), lots of interesting shops along Valencia if you like that. It isn't a long walk.

      Stop by La Palma and grab some nopales tortillas still warm...mmmm...Wise Son's

      My kids like the custom coke machine at the county hospital...there's no accounting for their taste : ).

      And for what it is worth, I might go the other direction - from HS to Bi-Rite and then you can end up at Dolores park and hang out

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        I second the suggestion to reverse your route plans, mostly because it sounds like you're going to get ice cream before brunch, so why not start at Humphry Slocombe and get their "Secret Breakfast"? Sounds totally appropriate to me. :) (And from a logistical point of view, you really should start at Dynamo Donuts, grab one of their donuts and take it with you to HS, which is west of Dynamo, just so you don't back track.)

        1. re: singleguychef

          I loved the Secret Breakfast flavor. Delicious!

      2. Tartine, Hog & Rocks, Mission Chinese Food, La Copa Loca, La Santaneca, Taqueria San Jose

        1. Mr. & Mrs. Miscellaneous.
          That's a joke; you'd have to drive out of the Mission & come back... but I couldn't resist completing your ice cream triple threat for you :)
          Seriously, I second Tartine.

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          1. re: indigirl

            No joke. I sent my parents on that Trio one day, they loved it. M&MM won over the other two, so was worth the extra trip.

          2. Try the shaker lemon pie at pig and pie. sensational!

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            1. re: chezwhitey

              Thank you for all of the recommendations. Unfortunately, Mr&Mrs will have to wait for another trip. Will definitely need to add in a second walking tour from Hog & Rocks to Pig & Pie.

              1. re: chezwhitey

                I love lemon desserts, chezwhitey. Can you tell me if their shaker pie is made with "regular" or Meyer?

                1. re: grayelf

                  I wish I could tell you. That was my first time having a pie with actual slices of lemon. There was certainly a nice sweetness to the lemons but I'm not sure how much of that was due to the preservation process.