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Aug 3, 2012 04:14 PM

Quick Saturday lunch spot between Tower of London and St. Paul's Cathedral [London]

Hello! Can somebody recommend a place? We will be walking. We are doing the Borough Market for breakfast, then the Tower of London. We need a good, quick lunch spot before we climb the 500 plus steps to the top of St. Paul's. Any type of food is fine, as long as it is quick and delicious. Thanks so much!

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  1. About a block southwest of St. Paul's is the Blackfriar's pub. They have a decent, although pedestrian, pub menu that focuses on pies. They also have an excellent selection of cask ales, and it's a beautiful, architecturally significant setting. You could also shoot across the Millennium Bridge and have lunch at the Tate Modern restaurant. Wonderful views of the dome you'll be climbing. There's also a cafe in the basement/crypt of St. Pauls. (I did the climb a couple of years ago. The climb itself isn't that bad, as it goes in stages. But if you have a fear of heights or claustrophobia, beware. Some of the flights are on open spiral staircases between the inner and outer dome. The view of London from the top is spectacular.)

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      Thank you so much! The pub sounds great, we will try that.