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Aug 3, 2012 04:08 PM

A little this a little that

I'm in the middle of reading Marcus Samuelsson's "Yes, Chef" book. It's given me a different outlook on dining in general. Before he became a master chef he would go around to different restaurants sampling the different foods. I'd like to do the same. Name some places you shouldn't miss on a five day trip to LA (it's my 2nd time visiting). It doesn't matter the type of food (i.e. Mexican, Chinese, American, Seafood, ect) just no pork.


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  1. See how many of these you can hit in 5 days - then report back with your thoughts...

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      1. re: Hungrierthanever

        And this list was put together before Red Medicine came into existence and set LA on it's collective ear with some of the most creative "Vietnamese inspired" food ever seen...

    1. I would decide first what types of cuisines you want to find, then go bout looking for the best ones. Of course there is always some debate over what is considered best.

      Cuisines LA does really well:
      Mexican (regional types too)
      Latin American (Peruvian, El Salvador, Argentinian, Brazilian)
      Very good seafood
      And a smattering of decent gastropubs
      And LA is the king of decent fast food places too.