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Aug 3, 2012 03:53 PM

Korean food near Studio City?

The only thing I miss about living in Hollywood is being relatively close to Korean BBQ. Now I'm in Studio City and I can't seem to find any Korean food close by. Am I wrong? Any Korean places (BBQ or not) near Studio City, Sherman Oaks or North Hollywood?

And no, Sorabol in the Fashion Square Mall and Seoul Korean in Burbank don't cut it...

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  1. They're opening up a new Korean BBQ joint in the same plaza that Hayat's Kitchen is in (NoHo).

    I have no information other than the sign that I saw.

    You can always go to HK Market, there's a little restaurant inside that's decent. Much better than Seoul Korean (although that's not saying much)

    1. none. just go over the hill. it only takes 10 minutes with no traffic to ktown.

      closest is at hk market in glendale off pacfic or van nuys on the corner of van nuys and sherman way.

      not worth the time to go there, just get to ktown

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      1. re: cdub

        "none. just go over the hill. it only takes 10 minutes with no traffic to ktown. "

        You have just described an impossible situation.

        1. re: ns1

          Yah, that's the problem. During rush hour and dinner time, "10 minutes" is more like 45 - an hour. But trust me, when it's off hours, K-town it is.

          1. re: cincodemayo1

            Let's be real here, it's 10 minutes to get from the 101 to any decent portion of K-Town. The traffic on the side streets is significantly worse than the traffic on the 101.

            Might as well take the redline into K-Town (which I have done before)

      2. There's Duk Su Jang in Van Nuys

        A lot of people go there for the AYCE Korean BBQ, which is apparently all right. I usually go for the fish me-un-tang (hot stews). Banchan are pretty good, but my (Korean) mom suspects they use MSG, because it tastes too good.

        My favorite Korean place in the Valley is Cho-un (Evergreen). It's a little farther west than you want, but it's really great. It's run by a couple of Korean ahjummas and the food is like what your mom would make. They have Korean BBQ, but their sullungtang (beef bone stew with tripe) is outstanding. I also like their fish stews (mehuntang) and squid (ohjinguh bokkum). There's also an AYCE BBQ place next door that's always full, but the people in the know usually go to Evergreen. It's in the same complex as a Korean supermarket.

        There's also a BCD Tofuhouse and Noodle Place near Hayvenhurst (I think). Otherwise, you should probably just go to K-Town like cdub says.