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Aug 3, 2012 03:25 PM

31st Wedding Anniversary in Paris!!!! Help!!

My husband and I are celebrating our wedding anniversary in Paris in September. We are renting a flat in the 1st arrondissement. I am looking for an authentic Paris experience that won't cost a lot of money. We love all kinds of food and are open to different cuisines as we're staying 10 days. I've never been to France and want to eat some really great food and have a memorable evening. HELP!

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  1. Congratulations on your anniversary.
    You have not received any input probably because your request is too broad, too vague. People don't know how to help.

    For example, here is a possible start of your research. ggow has written two very detailed and recent reviews on Paris restaurants, one on the top bistros, the other on starred places. His info is as updated (and spot on) as they come.

    Tell us what you think.

    There are other helpful threads on the board (although ggow was especially informative and articulate), which you can find using the search function on the top right of hte page. And as I said on another thread: give us some ideas, give us a short list, even a bad list, so that we have something to go on. Help us help you. :-)

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      You are right. I'm a foodie and new to Chowhound. I would get more out of this experience if I had researched first before posting. Here's what I've come up with so far:
      Wed (31st anniversary and getting to Paris in the late afternoon) 8PM at L'Ami Jean
      TH dinner at Le Florimand
      FRI open and looking for an experience. Perhaps Indian, Saravana Bhavan
      Sat lunch at 1PM at Le Cinq

      We are open to suggestions. We love food and are willing to be adventuresome.
      Ideas? Thank you so much!

      1. re: LisaMH

        If this is your first trip to Paris, I'm not sure why you'd seek out Indian food. Paris is not known for that. At all. If you really want an ethnic experience in Paris, Moroccan would be a much better choice. There are several good places that have been reviewed her on chowhound.

        1. re: ChefJune

          We love Indian food and I did read some postings on Indian restaurants; however, Moroccan sounds fabulous as I've never tried it before. We're spending 2 weeks in France and thought that French food for every meal would be like eating American food for every meal only richer. I wanted more choices.
          Thank you for your advice. I'll look for the Moroccan postings.

          1. re: LisaMH

            Florimond good pick.
            Le Cinq good ipck.
            Chez L'Ami Jean good pick. More later.

            I agree with Chefjune. If I were you, for just 10 days, I would focus on French cuisine.
            I don't think 10 days of French food would bore you. :-)
            Eating out all the time may. Since you are renting, this problem is easily solved.

            Where is your apartment?
            You can take advantage of the fabulous markets. Depending on their nearness to your apartment, you can lug home roast chicken, foie gras, or even oysters opened for you. September is mushroom season. The market veg stands often have about a dozen different mushrooms. Another thing I llok forward to in September is wild duck, which should not be called so because it tastes nothing like, and muscat grapes, esp Hambourg variety.
            Then you can eat out for example every other day. Over 10 days that would be 5 meals out. This way you can have a very good Paris food experience, and perhaps treat yourself to some better meals.

            Which reminds me…
            Did you read the recent thread about chez l'Ami Jean changing its dinner format from September onward? Bear in mind that dinner is going to be a 10-course tasting menu of 70 euro. I myself can't wait to try. But if you don't want to eat or spend so much, you can always go to lunch there, and have its 42 euro or 55 euro menu.

            1. re: Parigi

              Great advice on the markets as I'm a good cook, and as you say we are renting. Our flat is in the 1st arrondissement. Thanks for the heads up concerning the game change at Chez l'Ami Jean. It doesn't change my mind. I think 31 years is worth 140 plus euros.
              Your ideas are golden. Don't forget about me. I continue to research and add to my knowledge.

              1. re: LisaMH

                "Our flat is in the 1st arrondissement."

                Yes, sorriest I forgot.

                O, in the markets, for most of the veg/fruit vendors, you don't serve yourself. You queue and tell the vendor what you want. Now some vendors do allow you to serve yourself. Best is to watch others. Monkey see monkey do.

                Caïsus is a very good resto in your 'hood. And Saturne.
                Theoretically you can use the excellent public transport to go all over Paris. But after dinner, I always enjoy walking home. It's real luxury to be able to do that.
                Le Rubis is a fun wine bar, perfect for an evening after perhaps a big lunch, or when you feel like something light, just good charcuteries, cheeses and a glass of something.

                1. re: Parigi

                  Parigi is the name of the market O? Really? I have to say, you have brought Paris to my doorstep in TX and I wish I was there right now. Know I take copious notes from your excellent perspective.
                  So many thanks! Resto and market noted! YUM!