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Aug 3, 2012 03:23 PM

Barcelona Saturday in November 2012

This is the title of my question. I was previously there in August 2010 and had lots of help from Chowhounds, especially PBSF. Now looking for somewhere to go for dinner with friends - 12 of us - preferably walking distance from Las Ramblas.

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  1. Hello,

    so here are my recommendations, what we found after our visit to barcelona this summer:
    - be careful with the paella they offer you, there is a type of paella that is frozen and many restaurants have them advertised, you can easily spot on the sign and remember that even though the prices vary from place to place, the crappy paella is the same frozen food (it can go from 8 euros to 12 near the beach). This goes for spagetti carbonara and bolognese.

    - we found this amazing restaurant (sadly only on the last day of our trip) and it was the best food we ate while we were there: it is called TRA.BAL and it is located in Balmes 203, 08006 Barcelona. The menu for lunch was 8,99 and the food was exquisite! we ate a small piece of paella that was worth the whole paella we ate earlier that week on a crappy frozen place somewhere. The street is near the MACBA museum and very close by the ramblas and plaza catalunya. PLEASE look for this restaurant, i can't say enough good things about it!

    - near the restaurant, a little bit up the street to plaza catalunya there is an amazing sandwich shop, with baguettes that are good for 2. they are big and they offer you a drink for.. 3.50.. and the quality is amazing, i am still dreaming of that small shop. sadly i don't know the name, the girl at the front of the shop was very very rude, but the food was so good we kept going there for the whole week and just ignored her!

    hope your visit is good, we didn't find those many great restaurants, we ate at some traditional ones, but they were either too greasy, too expensive, or just plain frozen.