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Aug 3, 2012 02:58 PM

Vegetarian Indian Food in Greater Boston Area

Any ideas on this score? Just stumbled on an excellent place in New Haven last weekend - a small chain called Thali Too - and it was the best Indian food I've had outside of London (don't get there often!).

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  1. Ritu Ki Rasoi in Burlington is vegetarian Indian fare. It is a little bit of a hole in the wall but it gets good reviews on Yelp.

    1. Definitely try Dosa Temple in Somerville, across from the Market Basket.

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        actually, across the street from the Market Basket, on Somerville Ave. There is an Indian market next to the Market Basket.

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          Edited. Thanks for catching my sleepy error! Been a long week. :)

          Also: I had no idea there was an Indian market there. Is it worthwhile?

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            well, if you are in the area stop in. I can't directly compare the other close by markets b/c I haven't had a chance to visit many recently. Nothing like the best on Moody street but if you are already in the MB parking lot, why not.. They do sell beer and wine, which is kind of strange to me. I would go straight into Market Basket for any fresh produce....especially since they now usually have fresh tumeric. The Indian grocer in the building that used to be restaurant supply or paper goods....

            Also it's a great symbol or metaphor or whatever you want to call it that the Dosa Temple is right next to the newly opened Bearded Pig barbecue place. That's Somerville!

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              It isn't a bad Indian Market but not as good as the ones in Waltham. The quality of the lentils is just a bit lower [i.e. a lot more rubble to pick out.] They have a nice naan selection, and the produce is very useful. They tend to have better eggplant and peppers than the market basket. They have both jaggery and palm sugars. The family that runs the market is very friendly and helpful.

        2. There's a place in Lowell across a parking lot from a temple. It's down from Edwards Field, by the Merrimack River. Anyone remember the name?

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            Udupi Bhavan is the place in Lowell- tricky to find since it is tucked away from the street, kind of sideways

          2. There's also an Udupi Bhavan in Shrewsbury, which may be more convenient to get to from Boston than Lowell, even if Lowell is a little closer.

            I like Udupi Bhavan a lot, but I think Biryani Park in Malden is even better. Biryani Park is not vegetarian-only, but they have a terrific array of vegetarian selections, including many South Indian dishes.

            1. I like vegetarian thali's. I like the one at Punjab Palace in Brighton, and the Curry House in Coolidge Corner, Brookline.