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Aug 3, 2012 02:49 PM

Fisherman's Grill -- Portland Maine

Had lunch there today... Haddock Dinnah -- $13.95.. Comes with fries and excellent cold slaw. Very fresh, very good, but a little too much food. About a 20 minute wait.
The mini kitchen can only handle one or two orders at a time, so its slow. They got busy at 12:30 and was telling people 45 minute wait. They lost as much business as they were receiving. Most people were from out of town. The work staff consisted of only one in the kitchen and one girl taking orders. The lonely chef could not keep up with the orders, and the call-ins were told one our wait. Prices are not real cheap, but you get a lot of food so this makes up for the price. Most seafood dinnahs are big enough for two average people.
Too bad the kitchen is not a little larger with another fryolator so the chef could turn out twice as much food, but that is not the case. I will definitely return, but get there by 12 noon before the rush.
I didn't feel that the Haddock was any fresher then at Becky's for $9.95 (large), as compared to Fishermans Grill for $13.95, but the portion was still larger at FG, and Becky's will serve you in less then 10 minutes, with lots more tables or stools to sit on, as well as fantastic desserts.

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  1. The clams are great but as irwin says the kitchen gets backed uo with just a few orders and the wait can be like 30 minutes.Odd space

    1. I have to admit to being one of those people who has opened the door, taken a look, and said "maybe tomorrow" before walking off. As a result, I've learned to go off hours and accept the entire scene as part of the quirkiness of the place. I've been in there many times when it's been just the cook and 3 orders can put him in the weeds pretty fast. He can be quite engaging.
      I've hit the rather small menu pretty hard but keep coming back to the clams. He shucks them himself in the morning and if it's slow he'll brief you on how clean they were and how much "you're gonna love them." Also great tarter sauce. The lobster rolls look pretty impressive as well but for me, it's all about the clams.

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        His clams really are superb in every way.Perfect breading,size,freshness and much better than the clams so many Ch's rave about,i.e. Clam Shack in Kennebunk.

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          I'll never forget last year, when we hit FG on a hunch before the place had really been discovered (although it had already gotten nice press from Adam Richman). It was a dreary Sunday, and the only people in the place were us, the proprietor, and a local kibitzer. Had a very nice chat with the both of them, loved when the proprietor said the clams were "dug outta the mud yesterday in Friendship." And they were outstanding, as was the lobster roll.

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            We went on a Sat. afternoon in the winter and no one else was there. And yes, the owner's a fun guy. Irwin complains about $13.95 being a high price but if it feeds two average people then it's really a $7 meal isn't it? And is $13.95 for a full dinner really a high price in the first place? A little for such a bare bones place but it's good stuff. And I recommend that townie bar a couple doors down. Ping pong!

        2. We got so lucky when we showed up in May; they had JUST opened and no one else was there yet.
          It was amazing; we had the lobster roll with seafood chowder and a small clam chowder. Everything was so delicious, and sadly we didn't get back there again during our trip. Clams for sure next time, and I will make it a point to ONLY get there when they open I guess !

          1. You can always head up the road to Susan's if FG is backed up. Not as good (or so I'm led to believe, haven't been to FG yet), but they can handle the volume.

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              I thought Susan's is terrible. No parking, ugly uncomfortable hard benches to sit on, creepy bathrooms, and definately not clean. Food issn't bad, and portions are large, but rated a 3 as compared to a 8 or 9 at FG.....

            2. My brother Orson W and I hit the FG last Saturday. We called in our order around 11:30, when the place opens. We wildly overordered -- Mixed fried seafood sampler (17.95), large order of onion rings (5), and two classic lobster rolls (around $15). We were told around a 25-minute wait, and since we were downtown when we called, that gave us time to make a quick stop at Standard Bakery. We had just left Duckfat (panini for my nephew) and Miccucci's (one slab and a couple of their excellent cannoli).

              By the time we got our food it was probably 35 minutes from when we called, but it was well worth the wait. The seafood sampler includes a ridiculous amount of expertly fried haddock, clams, scallops, and shrimp. No fries to make it seem bigger. Just a boatload of seafood. The onion rings were excellent, nice random pieces in a crunchy batter. We could not finish the fried stuff, so we didn't even bother tasting the lobster rolls. We ate those a couple hours later, and they were excellent as usual. Much larger than the typical lob roll that might cost a few bucks less these days. Huge amount of sweet lobster meat. Cannot imagine what the "collossal" size roll would look like.

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                Duckfat, Standard Bakery, Micucci's and Fisherman's Grill all within one hour. I bow down before you. You are my new hero.

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                  bobbert, thanks. You are too kind. Nothing any other fair-to-middlin' chowhound who has read some Calvin Trillin wouldn't do. And we failed to pop into Dean's Chocolates. 8<(