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Aug 3, 2012 02:16 PM

Food & Drink Blogs for Tokyo, Kyoto and other cities

As a London food blogger, I really enjoy reading blogs written by those who live in the places I'm planning to visit. It's a nice way of reading about restaurants and other food experiences, often with more detail (and images) than is the norm on discussion boards like this one.

I have worked my way through the archive as best I could, searching on food blog with the 5 year radio button selected but the only recommendation I found so far was for (the excellent) Food Sake Tokyo blog.

I'd really appreciate a few recommendations for great (English language) blogs about eating out in Tokyo, Kyoto, Takayama (I don't know if such exists), Nara, and Osaka.

I enjoyed reading Travel Volunteer Blog about the young couple who won a trip from the tourist board and wrote about all their experiences.

I'm also familiar with Kyoto Foodie, though find the sheer volume of content there slightly overwhelming.

Rather than a huge long list (which is what I get if I try and google) I'd really appreciate recommendations for your personal favourites, those which you think would be of interest to a first time Japanese visitor.

Thanks in advance,

(If there was a previous thread on this topic, I failed to find it, please direct me to it and accept my apologies for the repetition).

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  1. >Kyoto Foodie, though find the sheer volume of content there slightly overwhelming.

    Since you mention Kyoto Foodie, I assume you're more interested in discussions of food and cooking rather than actual restaurant visits?

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    1. re: Robb S

      Not as much the cooking, but I enjoy learning about specialities and ingredients, which I have read about on Kyoto Foodie...

      But my primary interest is restaurants, really.

      1. re: Robb S

        Actually, am also interested in blogs that might write about local producers or products that are available to purchase, such as visits to sake producers, tea farms and so on.

      2. Just found Ichi For The Michi:
        Am currently enjoying reading the restaurant reviews there.

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        1. re: Kavey

          Thanks for your comments Kavey.

          I recommend these blogs:

          Such a shame he has left these shores, but still an invaluable reference for eating out in Tokyo... and sometime Kyoto, Takayama.

          Two from Yukari Sakamoto

          Happy reading!

          1. re: wekabeka

            Thanks, Beka, much appreciated. :-)

        2. This one has nice big photos and a variety of places in Tokyo from cheap dives to top end expensive:

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          1. re: mpad

            Will check it out too, thank you!

          2. The original comment has been removed
            1. For an English-language blog that features more casual fare, I recommend Tokyo Eats.


              This blog is run by Maki, a graphic designer with a predilection for stylish cafes and bistros. She is an excellent photographer as well, which is apparent as soon as you check out any of her posts.