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Aug 3, 2012 01:50 PM

Montreal Food Questions.. Newbie

Going to Montreal next weekend for my friends bachelor party. It is a small group of 5 of us coming from NYC. We are staying in bonaventure.

We are arriving late on friday around 9pm, what would you recommend for a place we could eat and get drinks at before we head out for bachelor party related adult entertainment? I was recommended Le Lab would this be suitable?

On Saturday we were looking at going to Globe. I have heard mixed reviews, but it seems like it is the only big supper club that you can make reservations for. Reason we wanted to do supper club was to eat and club scene which bachelor wants. Would also be ordering a few bottles there and staying there most likely.

Also looking for recommendations for late-night drunken food. Any places in downtown where we can get some 2am poutine?

And lastly brunch recommendations for Saturday. I cam across sparrow, grilltown cafe, lawrence restaurant, and restaurant l'avenue

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Le Lab is a bit far away especially if you want to go for "entertainment" after (they all close, bar and "entertainment" at 3am)

    I'd try getting into l'Assomoir (Notre-Dame st.), closer to the hotel.

    For better food, I'd go accross the street to Buena Notte, (both offer "ok" food, and the waitress staff is visually enjoyable) (but I've been to none of them, not my cup of tea).

    For late night ( post 3am, after bars close), the usual place is "La Banquise", but if you are at Globe/Buena Notte, you might find some nearby, but you will be surrounded by drunk people.

    For brunch, Lawrence is nice, I've not been to Sparrow when they split to Lawrence. Close by, there's "Fabergé", there's also "Le Chien Fumant" (check if they are open for brunch in the summer)


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      Thanks for the help. We will be going to Buonno Notte as recommended instead, as my friends want to club and all that. Will check out the other places you recommended as well. I understand le lab and banquise are further away, but isnt just taking a taxi viable? How is traffic at night?

      1. re: xpr0k

        I was just setting out your expections, some people like to have their "entertainment" closer to their hotel.
        Traffic will be ok at around 3am, there will be lots of taxi in the Buena Notte area.

    2. first time I went to their website and who would have known, the resto bn has a concierge to help you get tickets, plan your resto stay etc!

      they also have special rate for lunch at late dinner, after 9pm

      1. For Friday night, you can try a couple of the following trendy spots not far from your hotel: Deville Dinerbar, Dominion Square Tavern, M:BRGR.

        For Saturday, get yourselves a table at either Globe, Buona Notte or Time Supperclub.

        For late-night eats, post-clubbing, Joe's Panini is close to your hotel.

        Your brunch list is good. I would avoid l'Avenue, it's not as good as its reputation. Also it's Griffintown Cafe, not Grilltown cafe.

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        1. re: 514eats

          Have reservations for buona notte sat night and just made some for brunch at griffintown. Thanks!

          1. re: xpr0k

            Ownership has changed at Griffintown cafe and I have been quite disappointed the last two times I was there. Menu is the same, but the execution is not.

            1. re: montrealwaitress

              Agree with, montrealwaitress, had brunch at Griffintown quite recently and also was quite disappointed.

              1. re: eatwell

                Same experience as well. Which is so unfortunate because it really use to be a favorite of mine.