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Aug 3, 2012 01:26 PM

hunting? fishing?

Remember grandfather fishing... but NOT to feed his family, necessarily... just relaxation, I guess. Had an uncle who hunted deer, pheasant, etc. My brother goes deep-sea fishing 1-2 times a year... hoping he comes home with a TUNA some day!?!

Several years back, good buddy of neighbor borrowed his boat and took sister and me out for a day of fishing off NJ coast. He was bangin on the front door at o-dark-thirty, with his truck load with gear. Musta had 6-7 rods/reels... for 3 people?!? Had a bucket of some kinda little live bait fish and a big hunk frozen squid. Sister and I were NOT about to put some little wiggling LIVE thing on hook! He got her set up at the front of the boat and then started getting a pole ready for me. before he got that done, sis had a fish... a very nice sized flounder... and we started screaming like "girls"! He gets fish off and rebaits her line and goes back to getting HIS stuff together... and I have a fish on the line! He did finally get to fish himself eventually. At some point in our adventure, sister hooked a SHARK... maybe 4' long but I was sure it was gonna pull her out of the boat! We came home with maybe 15-20 flounder/fluke. After neighbor took our MANDATORY pictures holding our catch, his friend took fish to show a buddy who lived close by. About an hour later, he came back with a big pan full of FILLETS!! Even apologized for giving his buddy some of the fish for helping him clean them!?! Fine by us! Never had to touch bait, never had to touch a fish, didn't have to clean... just cook and eat!! Now THIS is my idea of a fishing trip.

Neighbor would sometimes bring fish over after one of his trips... sometimes cooked, sometimes raw. Usually NOT told what it was... just eat it or cook it a certain way. Beside "normal" fish (flounder, sea bass, blues), had skate, conger eels and sea robins.

First venison was when I was in college. Good friend's mother said stay for dinner... how do you like your venison?? Since I'd never had it before, she asked how I liked steaks... medium rare. Think I got treated to the tenderloin of a lazy deer that only ate from farmer's corn field... NO "gamey" taste and super tender.

First pheasant was around that same time. College room-mate's dad belonged to a "club" in the Philly suburbs. He came home with his hunting dog and in full Elmer Fudd regalia. His catch had been cleaned by people who worked at the club... looked and tasted like chicken to me!?!

Neighbor had a co-worker who raised rabbits. That's another thing that "tastes like chicken"... maybe cuz it wasn't wild?

Would like to try alligator and/or rattle snakes at some point. Had green turtle once... kinda reminded me of veal... but at a restaurant, so probably not "caught"??

So what do you hunt and eat!?!

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  1. Trout, which we put in our smoker. LOTS of venison, from DH's multiple bucks last fall. Venison stew, venison chilli, venison susage, everything venison.

    1. Never been much of a hunter cause it's so difficult living in urban areas. Been fishing since 1967 or so, saltwater and freshwater. When I retire in a few years it will be nothing but fishing.

      1. The BF got a deer tag for this fall. He hasn't gone hunting in YEARS, but I hope he gets one. I want to practice my butchery and experiment with cooking it. Plus he has spent TONS of money getting all new equipment so he better get something!!!!

        His friends and family go hunting yearly, so we actually have some nice elk meat in the freezer. We used some of it to make elk tacos for Super Bowl.

        1. I used to fish a lot when I was a kid. My grandmother humored me and would clean and cook anything I brought home, no matter how small. My dad went on a deep sea fishing trip every summer, and did catch a tuna once. I was 5 or 6 that summer, and while I liked seafood in general, I wasn't yet a fan of tuna. We ate tuna at least once a week for what felt like ages, and I think my eventual appreciation of tuna was delayed by at least a few years.

          I have a whole week at the beach coming up, the first time in years. I'm planning a half day head boat fishing trip with my mother, and will probably also spend some time crabbing.

          1. While I've never hunted, & haven't fished for years, I grew up on the Long Island waterfront & thus grew up fishing & crabbing. Everything from flounder, fluke, snapper blues, bluefish, weakfish, tommycod, eel, porgies, striped bass - anything & everything. It was great, & I miss it immensely.