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Aug 3, 2012 01:12 PM

Where Can I get Decent Steaks at a Fair Price in the Wilminton DE area?

Janssen's, Doc's and Whole Foods are way way overpriced.

Acme just sucks.

Costco has good beef tenderloin. How's the rest of their beef?

Is BJs worth a look?

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  1. People may laugh, but I get all my meat at the Pathmark on Lancaster Ave. They have quite a good selection. I don't buy steak much (because I am too cheap!) but they do have a lot of it. Shoprite on 202 is also good for meat.

    Acme WAY sucks, although it is the closest supermarket to my house. Every single pork item that they have is injected with chemical brine. Yuck.

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      I agree with your comments about Acme. Their "meat manager specials" belong in the dumpster, not your shopping cart. Even some of their regular meats have turned out to be bad when I opened them at home (so bad, I had to carry them straight outside to the trash can!).

      For supermarket meats, I like Kenny's Shoprite. They always seem to have a nice selection, and the folks behind the counter have been helpful.

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        Even though ShopRite is my default supermarket (partly due to being raised in Northern NJ), I can't recommend them for their steaks. They're not well-marbled and are cut too thin to be cooked properly. I've gotten much better steaks at the Safeway on Foulk Road.

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          Thin-cut meat is a particular pet peeve of mine. That is one major reason to go to a good butcher, although I cringe at the prices just like sal_acid does.

    2. While we don't buy a lot of beef, we get most of it at Costco. In addition to the tenderloin (which I agree is good), we get their flank steak and NY Strip (both also good IMO).

      We also like the meat from Haldas Market on Silverside Road in front of the Branmar Shopping Center, although I don't recall how their prices compare to Janssen's or Whole Paycheck. They're also our go-to place for unusual cuts of meat, like the whole rind-on pork belly I needed to do porchetta.

      1. Another vote for Haldas. Not inexpensive but good stuff. I gave up on BJ's entirely - not in the same ballpark as Costco (IMHO) plus they don't sell wine.

        1. Another thought - a place I've never tried but always mean to stop (the story of my life) is Bachetti Brothers Gourmet Market on Kirkwood Highway in Newark. i'm under the impression it's a meat place but I'm not really sure. It's down near the intersection with Rt 2. Maybe others might have more info.

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            Bachettis hasn't had great stuff for me. Also they did something to an order of mine that pissed me off . I forget what. I think it was a bu nch of filets that were different sizes after I went to great lengths to get them the same

          2. Another one I forgot is Pappa's Market in Little Italy. When I lived in town I used to get a lot of meat there--I can't speak to steaks, but they always had good pork and veal. They are super nice and will order you anything you want if they don't have it in stock. The prices are very reasonable.

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              +1. Save ground beef (Costco), when we don't have time to go to Lancaster, we get our meat at Pappa's. I agree that they are the nicest people, and the meats are not the only things worth getting -- roasted red peppers, stuffed jalapenos, and their yummy yummy sub rolls are mainstays in this house.

              It's on 6th St.