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Aug 3, 2012 01:08 PM

Post Cranes Beach meal in Ipswich

Always go to the Clam Box and looking for a change that isn't too far from the beach. Mainly interested in fish and onion rings (don't eat clams.)

Casual only please, will probably still be in beach attire. Any suggestions or should I stick with the regular routine? Usually dine between lunch and dinner, 3:00 - 4:00 pm.

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  1. Must say, Clam Box has awesome onion rings as well as their clams, oops dopn't eat calms?? try their scallops. Choate Bridge Cafe is casual and has a great burger, Riverside Pizza is also possible. If you want to venture up 133 to Gloucesta, The Causeway has excellent offerings from mussels maranara to any type of fish, fried or grilled and it's BYOB.

    1. We just ate at Clam Box last night, and it was as solidly reliable as ever. And, best of all, for perhaps the first time ever, we walked directly up to the counter and ordered with no line at all.

      The fried fish there is excellent. The onion rings, once salted, also do the job.

      1. Haven't been in awhile but Farnham's in Essex seems to fry everything well.

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          The Viilage restaurant in Essex is only a few minutes' drive from Cranes and has a nice,varied menu and great food. If you want to venture down to Gloucester, I like Captain Carlos.
          I was at Woodman's last weekend and disappointed in the food. Tasted like it had been fried in old oil.

        2. Ate at Causeway on July 4 and was sorely disappointed. Not a fish place; more like an old-school Italian place featuring enormous plates of bland food. Fish seemed frozen and tartar sauce delivered to table in Ken's plastic tub. Ick ick ick. The wait staff is lovely but unless you're looking for an hour long wait and prefer quantity over quality, I'd suggest Farnham's for fish.

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            Not to make excuses but, going to the Causeway on July 4th is like entering the tourist epi-center of Gloucesta, I wouldn't get caught there on any holiday. Agree about the tartar sauce, one of my pet pieves, it's Ken's in a portion size container. However, their baked haddock and other grilled fish entree's are excellent.

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              @Treb - true, LOL. But it wasn't the crowdedness or the wait, it was just that the food was kind of meh, IMHO. Lots of people there seemed to really enjoy their food. I was just expecting more of a flavorful experience. Maybe we'll give it a second chance. And maybe they'll start making their own tartar sauce!

          2. Farnham's in Essex, or Essex Seafood, on the right on 133 as you head towards Gloucester. I like their fried haddock plate. I eat steamers in winter only, better flavor and texture.