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Aug 3, 2012 12:18 PM

Padron peppers in the Triangle

Anyone know where I might be able to find padron peppers in the Triangle? I know they are in season, and it's a little steep to have them shipped from my favorite Spanish food provider.

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  1. We had an appetizer that was *very* similar to padron peppers the other night at the Lantern. We commented on how much they were like what we'd had in Spain and the waiter agreed but promised us they were some sort of local pepper, so maybe checking out the local farmers' markets and asking them might help.

    Oops - wait - Husband just googled and thinks they were something called shishido peppers. Definitely worth a shot if you can't find the real thing.

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      padrons and shishitos are in season and available from multiple vendors at Durham and Carrboro farmers' markets.

    2. You can get padron peppers at the farmer's market. Bluebird Meadows has them, among others. They've also been on the menu as an app at Vin Rouge of late. I had a funny experience with them last week. I bought a big batch of them, and cooked half of the peppers that evening. I didn't get around to cooking the other batch for about 5 days, and when I cooked them they were INCREDIBLY spicy. I had no idea that their heat could increase just by sitting for a few days.

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        They also vary in heat by size and by time on the vine. I cook these (fast fry in olive oil, sea salt.) a lot. My family calls them lottery peppers.

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          and they vary according to the type of growing season they are in:

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            As a long time chilihead I think this article is a little sketchy. Most of the pepper production is irrigated so water stress is not going to be an issue. My observation is that the peppers generally get hotter later in the season. In July they may have no heat but by September the same pepper can light you up. Probably has more to do with day length and a drop in night temperatures than daytime maximums.

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              I don't know if capsaicin is oil-based or not (one article calls it an alkaloid). I do know that hops left on the plant longer have a higher percentage of oil content than hops picked earlier. I wonder if the chemistry is similar? Hop oils deliver certain desirable hop flavors at room temp

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          Cool. I live in Raleigh but I've read that the Durham market is the most reliable place to get them...I don't think I've seen them at the state farmer's market before. I need to get to Durham more anyway!

          1. re: libeerian

            We've been getting padrons & shishitos at the Carrboro Mkt every week for about a month. Several vendors have them.

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              i saw padron peppers at the tiny farm stand yesterday at DFM.