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Aug 3, 2012 12:09 PM

Where to buy best seafood on Whidbey Island?


We are a San Francisco family about to spend a week on Whidbey Island. Any tips and recommendations on where to buy fish and other seafood to cook "at home" while on Whidbey? We'll be on the south end but are willing to go where there's good food. Thank you.

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  1. We buy very fresh (like trying to escape the bag fresh) crabs, oysters, mussels, spot prawns, and other fish and shellfish from the truck/trailer that sets up near Sebos and the Goose Community Market in the Bayview area. We've been very happy with everything we've purchased. They only have what just came in off the boats, so they don't always have exactly what you're looking for, but what they have is great.

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      That sounds amazing! Is the truck there on certain days of the week? Is the Goose Community Market same as the Bayview Farmers Market that is held on Saturdays? Thank you!

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        Goose Community Market is a regular brick and mortar market that is open every day, not the farmers' market, but in the same area. They have a decent produce selection, and everything else you'd expect in a smallish supermarket. I've sometimes called Sebo's Hardware store to see if the fish guy is parked out front. He doesn't have regular hours, but he's there a lot. In fact he's been there every time we've wanted seafood so far this summer! Usually opens around 10am. When you drive along the highway you'll see little individual signs (yellow, I think) saying "crab" "cod" etc. as you near the fish stand.

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          This is awesome. Thank you so much, L.Nightshade!

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            L.Nightshade, thank you so much for the recommendation on the fish truck at Bayview! We bought fish twice from the truck, and we all agreed that the halibut was one of the freshest we've had. The prices are good compared to local markets'. Thanks again, and Whidbey is beautiful!

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              Oh, that's wonderful. I'm very happy it worked out. It's so nice of you to come back and report.
              Hope you had a great time!

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          If you are in the northern half of the island, Seybolt's Fish House, in Oak Harbor, has a wide variety of fresh seafood, as well as the island's best fish 'n chips. They also have seafood dips.

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            Sounds delicious. So looking forward to great seafood up there! Thanks, JohnnyT.