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Aug 3, 2012 11:42 AM

Tofu - Two Weeks past Use By?

I just found a tofu package of Nature's Promise Organic Firm still sealed in fridge, dated Use By July 19th. Today is August 3rd. It looks and smells okay.
What is opinion on using in a stir-fry?

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  1. It'll be just fine. This happens to me all the time. Even a full month after the due date the tofu is just fine.

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      1. re: Bacardi1

        +1- if it doesn't have an off-smell it's fine

      2. If it looks and smells okay, I'd use it. You won't get sick but it won't taste as good as fresh.

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        1. re: kbjesq

          Honestly, if the package hasn't been opened yet - which according to the OP, it hasn't - it really won't taste any different than if she had opened it the day after she bought it. A week & a half after the package due date is nothing.

          1. re: kbjesq

            Definitely, if tofu goes off you will smell it for sure.

          2. Yes, the package was unopened. Made it tonight in a stir fry. Pressed the tofu for the first time, and then browned it, and liked it a lot that way. So far so good!

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            1. re: BerkshireTsarina

              Pressed and browned is the way to go. I have browned it on low flame for 20 minutes on each side. The protein gets condensed and meaty. Then dipped in soy-ginger sauce garlic optional. Could use scallions

              I have used unopened tofu 60 days after expiration. No smell or anything. It was OK.
              I press it with 10lbs barbell weights. Get that water out!

            2. When tofu is too old, it starts to smell and taste a little funny and sour. But it's still okay to eat, and who's to say that old tofu is bad tofu?