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Aug 3, 2012 10:12 AM

Steel or glass electric kettle?

After reading through a couple of threads about electric kettles, I am still unsure as to which brand to buy. I have an aversion to plastic touching my food. I notice that some of the ones I've seen have what I think is silicone or plastic sealant. Do silicone emit anything into the water (or whatever that mystery sealant is.)

I want a high quality electric kettle and cannot decide between glass or stainless steel. I've seen the Cuisinart stainless steel electric kette, the Salton glass electric kettle and mentions of the Krups brand.

I've even considered those eternal hot water dispenser that are seen in many Asian homes but all of them have "sticky outy" elements in them.

I want a clean-lined interior with no visible heating element inside.

Can someone suggest a brand that they have used for a good length of time with little trouble?

Glass or steel?

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  1. I"m on my second Capresso glass electric kettle. I've been really happy with them(I'm on my second because I gave my first to my sister...that one has been getting daily use for 2-3 years now).

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      I've seen reviews on Amazon about a foul chemical smell with the Capresso. In fact, about half the reviews were negative about this kettle. I really do like the glass kettle but worry about any off smell.

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        Huh. I haven't had any issue with mine. I boiled it full a few time and watered the plants with the water before using it for my tea.

        I worked in a kitchen store for several years. the most popular kettles were this Capresso and the Breville with the temperature control. We saw few returns on either.

        Before the Capresso I'd bought a Pino. Avoid at all costs. Didn't even last a year and only had a 90 day warranty.



      The Zojirushi Panorama Window™ Micom Electric Dispensing Pot has served me well for several years. It always has plenty of hot water ready to go. Mine has some sort of liner though for hard water deposits so, if you are concerned with coatings it may not be the best choice for you.

      In terms of health and safety, silicone is used in a lot of cooking applications. I'm not aware of any adverse health effects. Plastics used in the food industry are put through pretty rigorous tests before they are released to the public in commercial channels. With the poor air quality most people see on a daily basis, food grade plastics are pretty low on my list of things I'm conerned about.

      1. The Cuisinart electric stainless steel kettle has served our kitchen admirably for several years, day in and day out, several times a day.

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          I had a Capresso and experienced the same nasty-smell problem. I liked the design so much I kept it, but when it finally broke, I replaced it with something else.

          What I have now is an inexpensive Chinese-made kettle (Boni) which is all stainless steel on the inside. Has worked fine for 2 years now, no bells or whistles, just comes to a boil and turns itself off. It has a nice long pour spout, good for finicky tea-making. The stainless steel ain't perfect; there are a couple of discolored spots on the inside, but it hasn't bugged me.

          Next time I'll probably spring for a Taiwanese-made one. I've seen them, same nice shape but probably better quality and more $$,

          1. re: comestible

            Old thread, but this is just an update to my post above. The Chinese (Boni) kettle I wrote about broke the other day. The tab that switches it on and off simply broke from its moorings when I turned it on. That gives it a 3-1/2 year lifespan. But I note that it got a lot of use, several heat-ups per day.

            It would be interesting to compare how long other kettles last.

            Anyway, I went to Chinatown and bought another, same brand but a bit smaller. Set me back $23.

        2. Thanks for your input. I forgot about the Chinese hardware stores. They usually have a lot of kitchen appliances. Maybe if I wait a bit longer, someone will get me the Breville for my birthday! I will also give the Capresso a fair shake but I'll have to buy it from a source with a good return policy should it give an off-smell.

          1. I've narrowed it down to the electric Cuisinart glass tea/kettle and the Breville stainless steel kettle. Now for those Christmas specials.