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Aug 3, 2012 09:37 AM

Does anyone ellse make petcha?

I make petcha every once in awhile-
do u serve it hot or jellied?
lemon, vinegar?

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  1. Only Torquemada, if he's still alive. I'd confess to anything if I were confronted with p'tcha.

    1. No. I tasted it once. It tasted like the scuzz left in the bottom of a chicken roaster.

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        It is a very didfficult food to make properly. My mother, A"H, made an excellent petcha but I've never tasted any as good since. In fact, most that I have tasted would make me want to never taste it again!! If it is made correctly, it is very good, and if it not made perfectly, it is one of the worst foods on earth, even worse than the scuzz in the bottom of a chicken roaster!

      2. Yes, I make it, and it's delicious, but definitely an acquired taste. It's not something you taste for the first time as an adult, and then you like it.
        I would never serve it hot because that makes even me sick, but I put it in a pyrex or aluminum tin until it's cold and jellied.
        I generally serve it with horseradish on the side, which people seem to like. Otherwise I'd probably sprinke it with a bit of vinegar. As I'm writing this, I'm thinking malt vinegar, which I sprinkle on fried fish, might be nice.

        1. yes, both the original with calves feet and a version with chicken wings as taught to be by my ex-MIL.

          Always served it cold/jelled and with lemon/pepper.

          I also always serve gefilte fish cold/jelled with lemon pepper, not horseradish

          My kids won't eat this and don't even want to be in the same house when it is cooked or served

          1. My MIL made it for me once.


            Every so often, when she's feeling generous, my wife will buy some for Shabbos, but insists it be kept in a bag in the fridge, away from all the normal-person food.

            My mother makes it with plenty of lemon and garlic.