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Aug 3, 2012 09:31 AM

Thai food for our anniversary.

I'm thinking a Thai meal would be fun for our anniversary. We are not experienced with this style of cooking and wonder if anyone could recommend a restaurant with nice decor and atmosphere, preferably with cocktails.

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  1. Where at? Minneapolis? St. Paul? 'Burbs?

    -I'm partial to Roat Osha on 27th & Hennepin. Their walleye & green curry is awesome, they have a full bar, and I love their decor. An added bonus is they have a late night happy hour with discounted drinks and appetizers. My only gripe is the food is rarely as spicy as I want it.

    -King and I Thai is good spot too. It's constantly rated as one of the best places to bring a date. Full bar with good drinks, private seating, and solid food.

      1. If decor, atmosphere and cocktails are your criteria, King and I is probably your best bet.

        If just beer/wine are okay, and decor need simply be so-so, Lemongrass and On's Thai Kitchen have far better food.

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          Bangkok Thai Deli (further east from On's) is very good, too, though they might have beer and certainly no cocktails and, well, not much in the way of decor unless you like to peoplewatch.

          I think you may be at King and I. Supatra's, Ruam Mit, and Sen Yai Sen Lek only do beer and wine also.

        2. For a decent introduction to Thai cuisine, with nice decor, and a very good cocktail list, I'd recommend Chaing Mai Thai. If you get hooked, then you can forgo decor and hard liquor for more adventurous menu selections at On's or Sen Yai Sen Lek.

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          1. re: Brad Ballinger

            I respectfully disagree, Brad (and I usually find myself agreeing with you). In my opinion, Chiang Mai is the worst Thai food in Uptown, even if it has a good bar. I find their food to be very pedestrian and without any sort of subtlety at all. If I was looking for a full bar in Uptown, I'd definitely choose Tum Rup Thai, Amazing Thailand, or Roat Ocha over Chiang Mai.

            1. re: bob s

              Fair enough. I completely forgot about Tum Rup Thai in that same area. I was more swayed by the OP's request for decor and cocktails, I guess. Personally, I'm an On's guy. :o)

              1. re: Brad Ballinger

                If we are strictly talking food then Bankok Thai Deli hands down.

                1. re: Fudist

                  Kruengthep Thai on Nicollet (between 25th and 26th Street) is the same owners as Bangkok Thai Deli and in my experience the food has been very comparable. It has a bit nicer atmosphere (not as nice as some of the other Uptown Thai places, but the food is much better in my opinion). My only caution would be that if you are not into spicy, order on the conservative side. What they call medium is spicier than hot at a lot of Twin Cities Thai places. To me this is a good thing, but can catch people off guard a bit if they are not expecting it.

                  I am pretty sure they are beer and wine only (and fairly mainstream/non-interesting options), but there are good cocktails across the street for before or after at Eat Street Social or Icehouse.

                  1. re: LauraB

                    Tum Rup Thai in uptown. Nice decor, good thai food, bar with cocktails. Roat Osha second. I like RO for it's happy hour, so I am not sure it qualifies for an anniversary dinner. On's, Bangkok Deli and Kruengthep? try them on a non-special occasion.

                  2. re: Fudist

                    I prefer On's to any of the Uptown places, but I live right in the neighborhood. So we usually end up taking out from Tum Rup or Amazing Thailand (which is closest to our house).

                    I wasn't trying to argue that the Uptown places had the best Thai - only that Chiang Mai does not have good food.

                    I'm anxious to try Kruengthep Thai since that might put superior Thai food within our carry-out zone.

                    1. re: bob s

                      The added bonus of Kruengthep is that it is significantly less expensive than any of the "uptown Thai places". :-)

                      1. re: LauraB

                        While this is very true (noodles dishes with pork/chicken/beef for $8, shrimp $9, and seafood $10), and it is my favorite restaurant in the area when it comes to the quality of the food...the ambiance at Kruengthep sucks. It's not a place you want to go for a special occasion.

                        Yes, you can buy a few different types of beer at Kruengthep now (didn't pay attention to the wine list last time I was there), but the entire time spent eating your meal you feel like you're on the set of a Steven Segal movie circa 1990.

                        1. re: magz0r

                          When I said "nicer" I was comparing to Bangkok Thai Deli (which I realize is not saying a very much).

            2. Let me put an exclamation point on it. Chiang Mai Thai is one of the worst restaurants, period. Don't eat there. There are plenty of serviceable spots, and a small handful of very good ones.

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              1. re: kevin47

                Thanks kevin47 and bob s for the chastisement. I'm serious. It has been about 3 years since I was last at CMT personally. It was passable at that time, which is why I thought it would be an okay "introduction" to Thai, perhaps tempting people to then pursue better options.