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Aug 3, 2012 09:16 AM

Pubs/bars with the NFL Sunday Ticket

Me and several of my friends have football loyalties that lie outside of the Vikings. Don't worry though we aren't Packers fans. Are there any places in Minneapolis that have both the NFL ticket and good food? NO Buffalo Wild Wings suggestions. I'm looking for a better food product. Bar food is fine just not a chain that large.

I would be coming from the northern burbs so St. Paul and the S side of Minneapolis is not ideal. Uptown is about as far south as I would want to go.

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  1. Is there a specific team you follow, or just in general? There are some bars that are team-specific, like Alary's in downtown St. Paul (a Bears bar...and a cop bar. Which is weird.).

    Liquor Lyle's was my go-to place for fantasy foodball a few years back. They have pretty much every game that's on TV, the food is decent bar food, and you can't go wrong with the drink specials. Depending on how many people you have seating may be an issue, if it's a large group.

    Places like Champp's and Sensor's usually have a multitude of games on. I'd imagine Jake's has at least a couple of TVs dedicated to non-Vikings games, and there are a couple of them north of the city (one by 494 & 55, the other off 35W & Country Rd. D).

    1. If you're not Packer fans, and you want sound with your game, you are out of luck. No sound ok? Any other sports bar...and that is about it. You may be able to get the bartenders @ Mac's to turn one tv's sound on...and the food is better than most sports could give it a shot.

      I believe there used to be a Steeler bar in St Paul, but last I heard it closed and the food wouldn't have been better than BW3. Or if wanting to watch the Bears, Alary's as suggeted or you could go anywhere and watch their toilets flush...Go Pack.

      1. Give Sarna's a call (University and 41) Decent food and many TV's though I don't know what teams they play/favor. They've been willing to turn on a Lynx play off game in the midst of other 'important' games.

        1. I'd probably go to Senser's in Roseville.

          And a note on magz0r's post...Jake's is now known as Big Louie's. I don't know if they have Sunday Ticket.

          1. Thanks for the suggestions. I'm a Saints fan so for the first game of the season I am going to give Liquor Lyle's a try to see how it is since I know it's a popular bar. i do like to have fun people I can trash talk with and I think LL might be the place. If It sucks I'll give these places a try! Thanks again!

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              Just keep in mind that if the Saints game falls at the same time as the Vikes game that week, you may want to call ahead and see if they'll keep one of the TVs on the Saints game.

              If not, you can always offer up a bounty. HAH!

              1. re: magz0r

                Someone suggested going to one of the Joe Sensors locations. The last time that I went (2 years ago) they had the boxes that you can grab. They allow you to tune into the audio broadcast from any of the games being broadcast. They usually have numbers next to each television letting you know which station to tune into for your game. The only problem is that they don't get very loud, and if there is a Vikings or Packers game on it can be tough to hear. It would be nice if you could plug in headphones. In fact, they might...I really can't remember.

                1. re: GutGrease

                  Are any of the Joe Senser's locations even still open? I thought they'd all closed by now. I know at least most of them have.

                  ETA: I guess there are 2 left. Roseville and Bloomington - who knew?

                  1. re: Seige

                    Those are the only two that I've ever frequented. They serve good bar food and like I said, do a pretty good job to show all games.