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Aug 3, 2012 08:54 AM

Dine Out Lauderdale 2012 menus?

Oct 1 - Nov 8 2012

I see the list of restaurants, but when/where do they list the Dine out Menus? Some links have the menus on the indiv. restaurant websites, but looking for the Capital Grille menu?

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  1. They put the menus up closer to the date. I'd start checking around 9/20. Until the menus are up they just link to the site.

    1. The original comment has been removed
      1. The menus are now posted. A quick perusal, and I see that some look pretty good. Primavera and Market 17 have very extensive offerings. Cafe Maxx has 4 courses offered rather than three. Yet some fall into the usual petite-filet-chicken-salmon rut. Gotta choose carefully.

        1. Had my first Dine Out meal last Thursday at Grille 66 at the Hyatt Pier 66.

          They did not offer the DO menu - we had to ask, which was disappointing. From there though things were really excellent. The setting is fantastic - we sat outside overlooking the intra-coastal. We all ordered off the DO menu - like Spice, you order all 3 courses at the same time. Three people got salads - all seemed happy, and two of us got the seared tuna. It was delicious - came with julianned veg and something that tasted like a prawn cracked.

          Mains were split between the salmon for the non-meat eaters - which were good but nit spectacular, and the 8oz filet, accompanied by mushrooms and mash. The steak was a bigger portion than at Bourbon Steak, and my dad absolutely loved it. Although tender and delicious, it did not blow me away like the Spice filet at Bourbon Steak.

          Desserts were ok, key lime pie was the favorite, chocolate mousse was good but a bit rich to eat the whole thing and cheesecake was good but fairly standard (and apparently not as good as Cheesecake Factory).

          I should also add that we extra cheaped-out by bringing two bottles of wine with us (we were actually celebrating and they were a gift for the occasion), but I did not feel so bad as the corkage was $25 per bottle, plus service and tax.

          Overall, an excellent Dine Out experience, and great value for money. The setting is as good as it gets (and quiet for those that prefer it) and the service as you would expect from a top steakhouse.

          1. Indeed the menus are up. Don't have any experience to offer so I'm looking for recs. some restaurants don't look like amazing values for this promo. ex. Looks like Indigo's prices are affordable even without The Dine Out menu. A couple of their mains were $17-18.

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              In my opinion the two best options are Grille 66 and Cafe Maxx.

              Some people like Johnny V, and there menu is a good deal, but I don't really care for the food.

              Market 17 is a great restaurant and their DO menu looks pretty good value, but have not tried it.