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Aug 3, 2012 08:43 AM

Texas Pete Hot Sauce. Is Frank's the same thing?

A friend in Atlanta sent me a bottle of Texas Pete and it's almost gone. Here in SF I can't find it, and am wondering if Frank's (carried at Safeway) is the same thing? Or is there another nationally carried brand that's almost like Texas Pete?

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  1. Texas Pete Hot Sauce is not the same as Frank's. I have a bottle of both, and can tell you that Texas Pete is hotter and less sweet than Frank's. Both are good, but I use them in different applications.

    Personally, I really am not aware of a hot sauce, nationally distributed or not, that is similar to Texas Pete, which is why I keep a bottle on hand. Similar hot sauces, to my taste, would be Crystal (another Louisiana hot sauce I very much enjoy), Cholula (which has a nice hint of smokiness), and Tabasco (kind of, not really, like Texas Pete). However all three of these nationally distributed brands are a bit hotter than Texas Pete.

    Anyway, I searched the store locator on the Texas Pete website, and it seems that you can find it at:
    Ay International
    1388 Sutter St Suite 720
    SF, CA, 94109
    However, it looks Ay International is a wholeseller and probably unable to meet your needs for home use.

    The next closest location indicated by the Texas Pete website is a Target in Sunnyvale:
    298 W McKinley Ave
    Sunnyvale, CA 94086

    Otherwise, the closest locations are probably a haul: Gilroy and Atwater.

    Hope this helps!

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    1. re: MonMauler

      Texax Pete, contrary to the name, is made in North Carolina! Check out their website for a fun history of the product. Maybe you can order some on-line? Good luck in your search - I love Texas Pete.

      1. re: pickleme

        You'll find bottles of Texas Pete on the tables at most barbecue joints in NC. I love the stuff, and always have a bottle of it in the fridge.

        1. re: pickleme

          Texas Pete plenty of other Southern Delights ...cane easily be bought on Ebay or Amazon.

          In my heart nothing replaces Texas Pete

        2. re: MonMauler

          Thanks for doing this footwork for me! And for your take on other varieties. Very helpful.

        3. May help or not...
          When in upstate NY or Vermont (I live in Canada), I sometimes see Texas Pete in discount type stores (dollar stores) and not necessarily in the big groceries (like Price Chopper). Perhaps this may be the same in your neck of the woods.
          Like MonMauler, I like Crystal. Sometimes we'd brine a chicken in a freezer bag in Crystal overnight then grill or roast.

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          1. re: porker

            +1 on this tip. I see it all the time in Dollar Tree, Family Dollar, chains like that. As others have said, the closest I can find in the grocery stores is Cholula.

          2. I really like Texas Pete and can't stand Frank's. Here in Pennsylvania, Texas Pete can be hard to find, but I came across it in of all places, KMart. Who would have thought?


            1. Have you tried Lucky or Food Co?

              I would classify Texas Pete loosely as a Louisiana style hot sauce, which Frank's is too, where the sauces are vinegary.

              I like both and you should give Frank's a try. Another good brand is Crystal Louisiana Hot Sauce.