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Aug 3, 2012 07:56 AM

Should I order "well done" at Santarpios and Regina?

I always order my pizza well done at Gran Gusto. I don't like a soggy crust.

Should I order the cheese Pizza "well done" at Santarpios or Regina? Or is it already "well done" like at Picco?

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  1. Yes at Regina, and I assume you're talking the North End original only. I've never heard of a well-done order at Santarpio's, but I think the trick there as at any thin-crust joint is to limit toppings to one beyond cheese (I like the housemade sausage there) and don't let it sit too long.

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    1. re: MC Slim JB

      I agree with MC. I always have them keep it cooking at Regina's in the North End for another 30 seconds to 1 minute. As for Santarpio's, no need to order it well done.

      1. re: MC Slim JB

        Another vote for well done. My standard instruction for Thatcher Street is "well done, light sauce".

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          MC, if you like the sausage pie at Santarpio's, you might want to try my "sausage pie trick" - I order the combo plate (which comes with an awesome grilled sausage) & an extra cheese pie (I know you don't like the extra cheese so order a regular cheese pie). I eat the lamb, cut up the sausage & a pepper, & sprinkle that on my pie when it comes out. That way, you get a more crispy pie, & you also get the great flavor from the grilled sausage (I don't think they grill the sausage for the pie). Plus, the hot pepper give the pie a nice kick.

        2. Regina, you should definitely order well done. I can't speak to Santarpio's. In general, Santarpio's has more of a middle sogginess than Regina, but I don't know if ordering well done would solve that problem.

          1. I don't even think Santarpio's will do a well done. That said, a small Regina's salami pizza well done is what they serve in heaven, don't you know

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              I was actually sitting at the Santarpio's bar a few weekends ago when the couple next to us ordered a double-cheese pizza "well done." The bartender didn't make any indication that they couldn't accommodate such a request.

              Side note: The same couple ordered two of the barbeque "combo" plates (pork sausage and lamb). That's a huge plate of meat for each person, plus the cheese pizza. An impressive amount of food, especially on a hot summer afternoon.

              1. re: huuvola

                That's exactly twice the amount of food I generally order at Santarpio's, plus extra cheese (I've never had a pizza that I thought benefited from extra cheese).


            2. I order wel done at both Regina's and Santarpio's. sometimes I order stretch and well done at Regina's; which I learned about a few years ago. It's a little thinner and the waitress didn't bat an eye.

              keep in mind that by ordering well done, you forfeit any right to complain if it's overdone..:)

              BTW, I loved Gran Gusto..of course ordered well done..just not that easy for me to get to...the $75 pizza..:)


              1. Yes, but don't expect Santarpio's to comply. The middle is often soggy.

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                1. re: Karl S

                  For what it's worth, they've always complied with my request for well-done (and noticeably more cooked than is normal there). Anecdotal evidence, I know.

                  1. re: bobot

                    Good to know. I've never been a regular (soggy-centered pies) just several times over the past decade, so maybe that makes a difference.