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Aug 3, 2012 07:10 AM

ISO Free Birthday Treats

Minado used to offer the birthday person (with proof via license) a free future meal when they came with a rather sizeable party.

Bugaboo Creek (RIP to the Watertown location, loved their Prime Rib) would send out a moose head puppet and a free dessert for a birthday celebration.

If you're on the email list or a member of their card club, you will receive a coupon for a free dessert at Finale Desserterie & Bakery, a free small sundae at JP Licks, a free meal at Not Your Average Joe's.

At the Texas Roadhouse they bring over a saddle for the birthday person to sit on and sing to them.

Salts in Cambridge will decorate your table and garnish your purchased dessert if you let them know ahead of time that you're celebrating.

What other spots will do something special for a birthday? And do you need to go the actual day, or just be out celebrating, or sign up ahead of time?


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  1. Helpful since it's my birthday today. Too bad L'Espailer is not offering a free birthday dinner.

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    1. Didn't Brigham's, or was it Friendly's, used to do something like this? I immediately thought of this:

      1. Craigie on Main used to send a postcard for a free dessert and a special gift (when I went once it was a little jar of herbes de provence) -- not sure if they still do, it's been a while. You have to be on their mailing list.

        Also, there's this place in Waltham called John Brewer's Tavern (sports bar/karaoke with restaurant area, family-friendly comfort food place) that used to send a birthday coupon, I think it was buy one entree, get one free? Again, it's been a while.

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          I got a jar of vanilla sugar from Craigie once a few years back as well as a glass of champagne.

        2. Not Your Average Joe's sends one a coupon for a free birthday entree if one signs up for their email club.

          1. I went to Google a place that I know does this, and came up with this:


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              (I thought I remembered posting something like this before...)

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                Well, I tried signing up for the email list at Elephant & Castle, but there was no spot to enter my birth month or anything... could it be that they've stopped with the birthday promo?