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Aug 3, 2012 07:02 AM

mail order andouille [moved from New Orleans]

Anyone know a mail-order source for good andouille sausage?
I'm doing a Shrimp Boil and cant find any quality andouille here in New York.

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    But realize this is the large and coarse ground andouille... its 3" in diameter.

    We always use a "standard" smoked sausage for all our boils. Which of course they have available as well. The hot one is amaaaazing.
    Have fun.

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    1. re: Mytah

      I know what you are saying but you have to be careful using the term "Real Andouille." In some parts it is the same as "Z'andouille" or any variety of spelling thereof, and it is chitterlings.

      1. re: hazelhurst

        Yes sir. Poor choice of words :)

        1. re: Mytah

          Just depends on where you are really, and who can keep up with all those subtleties (inless you are the late Father Daigle of the Cajun Dictionary)?

    2. Best Stop. I love their andouille, but shipping is NOT cheap. In fact, I think shipping has increased considerably in the last year. Order plenty for your freezer so you have it on hand for gumbo.

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      1. re: FoodChic

        Out-of-state friends have ordered it shipped for Xmas gumbo. The following year, I get an invitation to drive to the can figure out the rest.

        1. re: hazelhurst

          Understandable, Hazelhurst. I'm waiting for things to cool off so I can make the drive down with my cooler in tow. I'll take a detour to get an extended view of the Atchafalya Basin, load up, and head home.

          1. re: FoodChic

            If you post before heading down...and give a vague route..I bet you'll get tons of recommendations. I just got back from some time in Acadia Parish and have lots of stuff. If it had been October the trip would have been perfect.

            1. re: hazelhurst

              Good idea! I'll definitely post first.

              1. re: hazelhurst

                HH, If you have any suggestions/cant miss places in Opelousas/Lafayette area I'd appreciate it. Not fine dining this time around. That is if I can eat after I have my boudin ball/link festival.

                1. re: Mytah

                  The turtle soup at Cafe Vermillionville is right good...Rice City Liquor Store in Crowley (OK, it is now Rice City Kitchen) by the Courthouse has good tamales and really excellent chicken salad..I bought a pint for $9 last week and have been making sandwiches when not just grabbing a spoonful of it. It's more of a puree but it is goddamn good. Lots of people love Fezzo's in LFY ..I ate at the one by teh Harley Shop/Don's Meats at the Scott exit last fall and it was fine but not remarkable.

                  I was just boudin-comparing with a friend yesterday and we agreed that an oft-overlloked gem is the stuff at Stelly's on HWY 71. My A-No 1 Cajun Cook pal loves Don's and says it is better than he can make (and that is saying something! His pork and turnip stew is killer.)

                  If you are there on Sunday--and get to it early--Webster's Meat Market in Cecelia does good plate lunches. It is run by a branch of the. Huval Family (what isn't in that area?) and they are born knowing how to cook

          2. re: FoodChic

            Oh Boy, you aint kidding about the shipping, $20.00 of sausage + shipping + packaging = $99.99 total cost. Yikes. Any second choice?

            1. re: vlallen

              Jacobs website:
              "NOTE ON SHIPPING COSTS: Here at Jacob's Andouille, we do NOT have any surcharge for shipping! All shipping cost that you incur are to cover the charges from the shipping companies only, we do NOT make any money on the shipping. Please ask for verification of your shipping costs when you order.

              I've never ordered from them I drive in. But I have ordered from Cajun Grocer before and thier shipping is fair.

              1. re: Mytah

                How are the sausages from the Cajun Grocer? They seem to have serveral different brands "Comeaux, Poches, Manda and Savoie"
                Would you know how any of them compare to Jacob's?
                Sorry for so many questions.
                Wish I could be there in person to check the quality myself.

                1. re: vlallen

                  For obvious reasons I have not used Cajun Grocer and damned if I can think of anyone who has but Manda and Savoie are common brands around. they are decent mass produced but not as good as Jacob's in my view---although no one smokes the stuff as long/intensely as Jacob's does. I'm not sure about Comeaux. Poches is probably the Poches Bridge stuff which is not bad.

                  1. re: hazelhurst

                    Thanks, I'll probadly go with Jacobs, they have Hot Tamales too, cant get them anywhere around here. Next time I visit New Orleans, I'll have to make an Adouille road trip, check out Jacobs and Best Stop in person.
                    I've never use the Cajun Grocer before, what's the problem with them?

                    1. re: hazelhurst

                      Agreed that the factory sausages-Manda/Savoy are OK but not as good as what is made in the country shops. While most favor Jacob's I like Bailey's. I don't know if Bailey's ships.
                      As for use in a boil, any favored smoke sausage will do. The good andouille is for gumbo and other dishes where the sausage carries the load.

                      1. re: hazelhurst

                        "For obvious reasons I have not used Cajun Grocer"

                        I use them all the time as they are the best way for me to get a taste of home. They are a fantastic company and I can't recommend them highly enough.

                        "I've never use the Cajun Grocer before, what's the problem with them?"
                        He is from new orleans, therefore doenst need to use them ;)

                        As to the OP's question of whether the sausage is good, savoies is widely used all around south Louisiana, so it should definitely fit your needs.

                        1. re: twyst

                          I was about to post regarding Cajun Grocery but see that you took care of that for me. THanks. I have nothing against them..don't know anything about am glad you jumped in to clarify.

                      2. re: vlallen

                        The only thing I have ever bought from Cajun Grocer was boudin. The Comeaux and Bodins are good I prefer the former. Better than what I can get locally(Manda). I've never gotten any smoked sausage but Im sure its decent...not as good as Jacobs
                        Im actually headed over to Opelousas tomorrow for business next week, Im gotten eat my weight in boudin and bring back a ton :)

                2. Problem: I can't remember which is which, but the last time we were in town, we ordered from both Jacob's and Bailey's -- with the *intent* on having the order shipped. One of them had shipping that was quite reasonable; the other was exorbitantly high . . . . that one we carried back ourselves.

                  1. Thanks everyone for all the information
                    I'll probadly go with Jordans, if the shipping isnt too high
                    If it is, then I guess its the Cajun Grocer