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Aug 3, 2012 06:38 AM

Your favorite additions to egg salad, please

Egg salad can be very pedestrian, but with our wonderful farm fresh eggs it is a favorite around here, especially with a big fat slice of August tomato.
I like a little mustard, celery and vidalia onion, possibly some curry powder or smoky paprika, different fresh herbs.
Any other favorite additions?

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  1. I like an incredibly simple egg salad. Just smooth - no celery or onion.

    I just do eggs, mayo, a tiny touch of yellow mustard, a dash or two of Louisiana hot sauce and loads OF fresh dill or dried dill if that's all I have.

    1. light on the mayo, touch of celery salt, crisp finely chopped celery and a splash of lemon juice.

      1. I use half sea salt/half celery salt, pepper and just enough dijon mustard and mayo to bind. There is no substitute for an egg salad BLT now that tomatoes are coming in.

        Lots of things to do with egg salad. Add chopped fresh bacon to it for instance. For breakfast today I laid out two thin slices of virginia ham, slice of hot capicola, some egg salad, two slices of roast red pepper and a slice of roast jalapeno. Roll that up and it's a great snack - two and it's a perfect meal on the fly for me.

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            CHOPPED BACON--why didn't I think of that?! My new hero, mike9!

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              Who knew egg salad could be so damned shmantzy?! Thank you, mike9 and magiesmom--chopped bacon and winged homemade lemonaise (2:1 mayo:coarse ground mustard with a tiny squeeze o' lemon). Total keeper combo, though I think a tad less mustard (1/2 t instead of 1 t) would be even nicer.

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                An egg salad BLT?!? BRILL. I can't believe that's never occurred to me.

                1. re: Petrichor

                  Yes. With garlic pickles in the egg salad. On toasted sourdough. I'm gonna start now.

              2. Made once with curry powder and became hooked. But I add golden raisins, carrots, and tart apples to it with celery, mayo, and green onions.

                I need to try it Hawaiian style with dashi added to it and Helmans.

                1. There's a recipe on the HC board for chicken salad that has anchovy in it. I was skeptical but went ahead and made it anyway. It was fabulous.

                  So, try adding anchovy.


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                    Agreed - and that chicken salad has a fair amount of chopped hard boiled eggs in it. It's almost egg salad with chicken and anchovies added.

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                      I think anchovy adds great taste to almost anything (mrs porker turns up her nose). I made an anchovy martini last week - niiiice.