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Aug 3, 2012 06:24 AM

The October hunt for game in Paris (pardon the bad pun)

Hello dear Paris Hounds,
I am starting to think about the Paris leg of our October pilgrimage. This year we're starting in Burgundy (an apartment in Beaune), staying 7 nights, then on to Paris for 5 nights. Thanks to all of you, I have a great list for Burgundy and can't wait as I've never been there (To any of you going to Burgundy, there are numerous recent threads available, just do a search)

And then there's the usual Paris dilemma; so many places, so little time. And it's October, which means that the Mr SisterE will want game and more game, lots of game and any kind (which is ok with me).

I'm intrigued with our perennial fave Chez L'Ami Jean's new menu, which will be in effect when we're there, hopefully with some game on offer. We are thinking that we might ought to go back to our other recent fave, Vivant, just because we really like it and it's close to our apartment this time.
I was also thinking about Terroir Parisian. And we will definitely seek out lots of oysters.

Sorry to ramble but as you can see I put a lot of thought into planning our meals (and enjoy it so I thank you in advance for your patience), My questions (finally!): What are your thoughts on Repaire de Cartouche? Never been, although we had several very good meals at Cafe Cartouche several years ago. Reviews of Repaire de Cartouche seem mixed. We've gone to A La Biche au Bois many times...not sure if we should return or try another new to us place. And I want to switch it up after all that game...Saturne? Never been there. Or Septime? ditto. We like market-based cooking, places where the food is the star, meaning that we don't really care about the surroundings or the service so much (unless either or both are SO bad that it detracts from the experience. It takes a lot to upset us if we're eating wonderful food and drinking wonderful wine). And nothing that will totally break the bank, say 100-to maybe150e a couple with sufficient wine.

Thanks! I will definitely report back.

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    1. re: FrankJBN

      Just wanted to make sure that everyone understood that I am not planning on taking out any of the pigeons at Notre Dame...

      1. re: sistereurope

        Too bad. I hate those air pigs.

        1. re: Parigi

          Yeah, they don't taste good ;)

        2. re: sistereurope

          With your suggestion of Terroir Parisian, it was a definite possibility.

          Repaire has always been a game-lovers Mecca. As I remember, the complaints of the past have centered on surly service (which some reports say has been addressed) rather than food issues. It is where I would head for reasonably priced classic game dishes.

          1. re: mangeur

            Thanks Mangeur, that was my take on the previous reviews of Repaire as well. We might give it a try, only because we've never been there and game-lovers mecca is music to the Mr,'s ears.
            So that's Repaire and Vivant and the pigeon at Terroir Parisian and CLJ for lunch. Need at least 1 more gamey meal and I will win the best wife ever prize.

            1. re: sistereurope

              Not particularly known for game but a good and respectful chef, La Table d'Eugene features one game dish each month during the fall. I enjoyed a quite good lievre royale last November. If you still have room on your dance card when you arrive, you might call and see what they are serving while you are there. I doubt Mr. SE would be disappointed.

              1. re: mangeur

                It's been on the list forever, so thanks for the heads up about the game dish. Seems like a good time to cross it off!
                Although, we will have been in Burgundy for the week prior. I may be on game strike by the time we get to Paris.

                1. re: sistereurope

                  Game is heavy. Game is major. In my experience it is very hard to dine on game back to back. But that's just I. :-)

                  1. re: Parigi

                    I hear you. I plan to break things up with some light and delicate fish. The Mr, well he is a major game player, what can I say...