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Aug 3, 2012 06:08 AM

In Vancouver/Victoria for long weekend with baby

Hi there,

We are from Toronto and are super excited to be in Vancouver/Victoria for the long weekend. I have read a bunch of the recommendations and have come up with a rough plan. However depending on when we get into Victoria I'm not sure if where we want to go will still be open so I'm wondering if you could suggest some other options that would be baby friendly. She's 6 months old and can sit in a highchair. We also have a portable highchair as long as we can strap it onto a chair. We also will have a car.

Late lunch near yvr airport - thinking Gyo-o as there's not much like it in Toronto
Take ferry to Victoria
Hopefully arrive by 7 and make it to red fish blue fish - if we are late does anyone have any recommendations for great seafood? I love fish and chips, mussels, clams, etc.

Breakfast at John's place in Victoria
Lunch at Hernandez on yate st or maybe the taco truck?
Dinner at a wedding we are going to

Breakfast at Dutch pastries
Lunch at red fish blue fish again?
Head back to Vancouver
Early dinner at zakkushi or kingyo (I really miss all the tsukunes I had in Japan -again not much like this in Toronto)

Breakfast - not sure what's good - we are staying at westin bayshore - might get some pastries and take to Stanley park?
Lunch - Guu garlic
Dinner - will attempt to go to Vij's and if we can't get in then suika?

Sorry for the long post and thanks for the help! I can't wait to go and it looks like the weather will be beautiful. :)

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  1. I love RFBF in Victoria so hope you get there at least once. Big fan of their tacones (not with salmon -- I like the cod) and deep fried pickles (you have to try them if they have them though alas they don't appear on the current menu).

    If you are a tsukune fiend, definitely go to Zakkushi. Their umeshiso tsukune in particular was perfect when we were there a couple weeks ago. You should be fine without a reservation on a Monday early but you can get one if you want to be safe.

    You could hit Giovane for some pastries, not strictly on the way to Stanley Park but not far off if you're driving (parking is dear here so I'd get stuff to go). Also Catch 122 on Hastings might be worth a look for pastries though it's new and I haven't tried it yet
    Mills Marine Bistro might work if you want an outside sit down (I haven't been but I've heard the omelettes and French toast are more than adequate if ingested on the patio, don't sit inside!).

    Acacia Fillo Bar opens at 8 and has their lovely banitza for breaky as well as more traditional NA fare: It's also longish walkable from your hotel and is a nice spot.

    Re Guu at lunch -- I haven't been for lunch because the menu is so limited and I understand it is not really an izakaya "experience" so YMMV. Also I see you have a Guu in TO now Here's the lunch menu to peruse: No tsukune though!

    I prefer Suika for lunch myself, having been for dinner several times and found it just okay, lunch twice was better. It is a pretty room that can get quite loud when full. The beef short rib set here was very good in June at lunch, and it is on their dinner menu a la carte for a buck less. Their deep fried stuff has been consistently lackluster, even heavy, on my half dozen visits, and the sushi/sashimi is just so so. If they have a dish with shitake done like a steak, that was the one other standout item I've had there, though it was at lunch. They do usually have some sort of fresh sheet at dinner I think. And once again, no tsukune.

    Vij's is one of a kind and prolly worth a try, though baby may not be up for the wait. Usual advice is to get there at least half an hour before opening to try to ensure first seating.

    Have a great weekend. It's going to be hot for Vancouver but likely a respite for you. We have friends coming from Toronto this weekend as well and they are looking forward to the climatic break :-).

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      Thanks so much for the advice! I just realized that kingyo is also open for lunch so we might try that instead of Guu garlic. If we can't get to Vij's 30 mins before I guess we might not go and just stick to the izakayas as they are so much closer to our hotel. Will look into all the breakfast suggestions.

      Definitely looking forward to the gorgeous weather in Vancouver. It's disgustingly humid in TO!

      1. re: cutehinano

        I would do lunch at Kingyo vs Guu with Garlic.

        Guu has a delicious but limited lunch menu (not good if you want to try out a few different dishes)
        (I have been to the Thurlow location many times for lunch, not sure if Garlic has a similar lunch menu but I assume it does)

        Kingyo has a 12 dish (12 small portions) lunch special (they only do 10 of these per day but they can be reserved ahead of time)

        If you do end up going to Kingyo make sure to get the Tuna Tataki with ponzu jelly.

        I would go to Zakkushi for dinner since You have a Guu in Toronto.

        Vij's is good but has a 1-1.5 hour wait minimum (and not worth a 1.5 hour wait)