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Have you been to Joss in Beverly HIlls?

I havent found any good Chinese food on the westside but have been hearing that Joss in Beverly Hills is the best of the options. Has anyone been? What are your thoughts on this place? I dont expect anything like you would find in the San Gabriel Valley but am hoping its a decent spot for those days when i dont feel like driving 20-some miles for food.

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  1. I was just there last week. Food was good to very good. Not, however, anything terribly authentic. Bring your banker when you go. Cost of gas and time spent traveling to SGV is less expensive,

    1. Mr. Chow is always fun, if pricy. I understand Mr. Chow is opening in Malibu in the old Nozawa spot, which seems an odd fit.

      1. I have tried the lunch combos at a large number of westside Chinese restaurants. I have two favorites.

        First is Hu's, in Palms on National, south of the 10, east of Overland, and north of Palms, where National makes a 90-degree turn. I like the kung pao chicken (with extra sauce), the twice-cooked pork (without tofu), and the eggplant. I really like the small Chinese chicken salad served between the soup and entree. Surprisingly, they fry some great chicken wings. Their sweet and sour is bad -- shrimp or chicken with fluffy, bland, thick breading.

        Mandarin Kitchen is in the strip mall on the east side of Westwood just south of Santa Monica Blvd. A larger selection of lunch specials. Good hot'n'sour soup, though it did not have any zing the last time I was there -- hope that is an aberration. I like the Mongolian beef and the chicken with mixed vegetables -- I get it with garlic sauce. Some of their dishes I find boring, such as the kung pao, with just onions and bell pepper as veggies. I used to like their scallops with mixed veggies and garlic sauce, but it is no longer on their lunch menu.

        Understand I am not saying these are "authentic" or earth-shattering. And I find that I like particular dishes at certain places, for instance the slippery shrimp and the special spicy wonton soup with garlic at Yang Chow in Chinatown. But these places, if you order these dishes, offer a fast, inexpensive, very filling satisfying lunch and are in my rotation.

        1. Thanks. Its interesting that not too many people on here have tried Joss. Not a very good sign since the hounds seem to sniff most decent places out.

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            The current location is very small and kind of tucked away. The food (its been a while) was quite good, particularly the duck. The original owner has partnered with the Boa group to open Chi-Lin at Sunset and Doheny; which is a high end, Chinese somewhat in the Mr. Chow vein.

          2. Joss is closed. The food was excellent and expensive.

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              "Joss is closed."

              No they aren't. You seen to be be having a recent problem reporting places as closed when they are still open.

              Let's all be careful about making that sort of "error" since it can be very damaging to the restaurant being erroneously reported as closed.


              Ps. I had to laugh when looking at Joss on Yelp. If you look over at their
              "People Who Viewed This Also Viewed" section I notice that Feast from the East is listed. Talk about an oxymoronic connection.

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                My reference was to Joss on Sunset Blvd, near Doheny. It did close. Apparently, the name was sold and the new owners relocated to a new address. The original owner recently opened another expensive Chinese restaurant with a new name. You gotta give me a break on this one
                I admit to scattered thinking and promise to be more careful when I post comments.

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                  The Joss that closed was considered WeHo, not Beverly Hills.

                  The present, fully operating Joss is what the OP asked about...
                  In Beverly Hills.

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                    The original Joss was at 9255 Sunset Blvd. It was considered Beverly Hills even though it was actually on the border of what is now called Beverly Hills adjacent.
                    What is OP?

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                        Thanks for the article. What date did the new Joss open?

                        1. re: cujo

                          As I recall sometime in the Summer of 2009...

                      2. re: cujo

                        Its the same operator and food.

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                          No, it wasn't considered Beverly Hills. It was considered West Hollywood and the address confirms it. I'm very, very familiar with the boundaries and I'd rather not go off-topic with this.

                          OP: Original poster.

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                            We called it beverly hills. You call it west hollywood. since i didn't know the restaurant reopened at a new address, I had no reason to believe I had to differentiate one restaurant from the other. I agree we should not go off topic or nit pick.

                  2. A friend of mine had a birthday party last year here...the food was superb - more high end chinese than "authentic", but delicious nonetheless.

                    1. In many ways Joss is what Yujean Kang's strove to be, but could never become.

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                        Wasn't Joss one of the Cartwright brothers?

                        1. re: Tripeler

                          Yes. He was Hoss's evil twin.