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taco trucks near LAX?

new2nyc Aug 2, 2012 09:19 PM

I will have a car, but am looking for some place somewhat nearby with great "street style" tacos.

Can anyone suggest a place to try?

I'm interested in grilled chicken tacos, steak tacos, and fish tacos.

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  1. Servorg RE: new2nyc Aug 3, 2012 06:27 AM

    Are you only looking for trucks? If not there are a couple of places that do good tacos near the airport. LAX Tacos and Taco Express (which actually shares space with the Arco gas station on the corner of Arbor Vitae and Aviation) are both chow worthy.

    LAX Tacos
    543 W Arbor Vitae St
    Inglewood, CA 90301
    (310) 412-3903

    Taco Express
    9200 Aviation Blvd
    Los Angeles, CA 90045

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      Feed_me RE: Servorg Aug 3, 2012 03:59 PM

      Seeing as you're not getting a whole lot of replies, I'll weigh in. I've eaten at a couple of trucks (once) about 2 years ago. The Tacos El Comal truck that parks near the Lennox Market on Inglewood Avenue. http://www.greattacohunt.com/2010/09/... The other truck was on Hawthorne Boulevard by the El Rancho Market. Neither was that good, but I only got about 3 tacos per truck. There is another a few blocks north (opposite Don Rogelio's restaurant) on Inglewood Avenue called Taco Dollar. Back on Hawthorne a little north of El Rancho Market is another vendor whose name escapes me. I haven't tried the last two. I wouldn't recommend the two I tried and I can't say on the two I haven't tried. Sorry not much help here, I'm afraid.

    2. wienermobile RE: new2nyc Aug 3, 2012 09:51 PM

      In Venice 15-20 minutes from LAX
      La Isla Bonita Truck
      4th St & Rose Ave in front of the storage locker building on Rose near Google.
      Venice, CA 90293
      Mon-Wed, Fri-Sun 10 am - 4 pm
      Always a line. Good carnitas and al pastor.

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