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Aug 2, 2012 06:11 PM

Fresh Brentwood Corn sold in SF or on the Peninsula

Does anyone know where I can purchase Fresh (white or yellow) corn from the Brentwood, CA
area either in San Francisco or somewhere on the Peninsula?


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  1. Many of the Farmers Markets carry it in season.

    1. Brentwood Platinum sweet white corn is advertised special at Safeway this week, 8 for $2 club price.

      1. Sunday's at burlingame farmers' market

        1. There is one vendor at the San Mateo farmer's market (College of San Mateo) that sells only Brentwood corn when in season. There is always a line at his booth....pricing is very good and product is always fresh.

          1. Serramonte Center farmer's market has it on Thursday and Saturday.