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Aug 2, 2012 06:05 PM

Lunch near Ikea, Charlotte NC

My wife and I are running from the triangle to the Charlotte outskirts tomorrow to pick up some furniture.

Is there anything good and non-chain (fresh/local/interesting) near Ikea or on 85 heading back up to the Triangle in that general area?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. There's not a lot of great options up that way, at least that I'm aware of. There is apretty good bbq place not too far from there, Old Hickory House. Very old school. There is a mediteranean place, Casablanca Cafe thats pretty good. You might be better off with Ikea's meatballs and chocolate cake! lol

    1. If you can suspend your disbelief when you see the bombed out parking lot, there is an amazing banh mi shop inside the Asian Mall (4520 North Tryon St). I think it's at the intersection of Tryon and Sugar Creek. Kind of scary from the parking lot but Le's Sandwiches are legendary in Charlotte. Like Ikea, they're incredibly affordable but unlike Ikea, Le will assemble for you, to order. Don't miss it! Minutes from Ikea.

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        THANK YOU for this recommendation. Had to go to IKEA today from out of town. We hit up Le's afterward and OH MY GOD. I wish I'd seen the various reviews on other sites telling everyone to order many while you're there. We only brought enough cash for two sandwiches and a packet of sunflower cookies, and I'm now back home in Maggie Valley bemoaning the lack of bahn mi around here and waxing sentimental about this afternoon's sandwich experience.... MAN that was good!

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          Le's still has the best banh mi in town. (Not that we have much to choose from)

      2. Ikea = Swedish meatballs= darn good

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          Gotta say I am in agreement! Even when I "know" what I'm going to purchase at Ikea I still reach a point where I need a little down time to take it all in. I bounce between the Swedish meatballs and the open-faced shrimp sandwich. There is also a torte, daim torte istr, which is really delicious! The sweet rolls downstairs and a cup of coffee is always appealing, although the sweet rolls smell a little better than they taste!

        2. For future reference, you're only about 20 minutes from uptown. Since we don't have a Malaysian restaurant in the Triangle I would recommend going to Malaya in/near uptown. I really like their laksa and beef rendang.

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            I think you're referring to Cuisine Malaya on Elizabeth St. and they have great Malayasian and sushi too. The Beef Rendang is yummy.

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              This thread is old but I can't miss any chance to recommend Cuisine Malaya. I wouldn't say its convenient to IKEA but its worth it. Try the curry laksa or char kway teow.

          2. Thanks for the quick replies. Our schedule changed a bit so we ended up eating dinner at a friend's house instead of lunch out.

            The banh mi place is on the top of the list for our next trip that way. I always forget (obviously) that the Ikea in Charlotte is right in town, unlike the others we've frequented over the years.