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Aug 2, 2012 05:54 PM

Red Medicine vs. Hatfield's

Narrowing down some plans for the GF's birthday dinner. Thinking about these two as the contenders. It'll be a Wednesday night. Neither of us have been to either restaurant. We'd probably go for a tasting menu at either place (apparently Red Medicine has a tasting menu?) just so we could try a lot, but might end up ordering off the menu instead in we can't resist. Trying to keep the budget under $200 (or as close to it as possible). Which would you choose?

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  1. Going purely on food, I would give the edge to Red Medicine. It's a little more modern, a little more unusual. (Although the croque madame at Hatfield's is at least as good as anything I've had at Red Medicine.) However, Hatfield's has a nicer dining room with a significantly lower noise level. Also, I think Hatfield's has a better cocktail menu.

    Since it's just the two of you, I'd probably go with Red Medicine. For a larger party, Hatfield's makes for easier conversation for those who aren't sitting next to each other.

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      RM's cocktails are more innovative, IMO, while Hatfield's are more classical. Again, like the fun/romance balance, this is all relatively speaking, and both places mix excellent drinks.

    2. Red Medicine has a $60 and a $85 tasting menu.

      I think Red Medicine's more fun and Hatfield's more romantic, not that Red Medicine can't be romantic, or vice versa. So if the "mood" matters, I would choose based on this.

      If the food matters more, and if your GF wants more adventurous or innovative food, definitely RM.

      Both places have absolutely delicious food, though. It's a hard choice. By my gut, I'd say RM.

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        Thanks for the advice mrhooks and PeterCC. I'm leaning towards RM mainly because we've been trying to go for about a year now and something keeps coming up. Does anyone know what the $60 and $85 menus consist of? I can't find much info on their tasting menus online. Thanks!

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          Fellow CHer chrishei posted a review of the $85 tasting menu:

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            Maybe I'm doing the math wrong, but in the review, chrishei said they saved $15-20 combined. When you add up all the menu items, it comes to $87/pp. With the tasting menu listed at $85/pp, that only saves $4 combined...unless I missed something that wasn't on the review.

            1. re: yangster

              *shrug* Maybe he'll comment on this thread.

              1. re: yangster

                I might have miscalculated...

                But I could've swore that we saved a little more than $4 combined leaving that night. Maybe they didn't charge us for a drink (or maybe I drank too much)? Anyways, I'll make a note of it and credit you yangster. Thanks for the catch.

                But I do highly recommend the tasting menu route. A much more composed meal IMO. You're in for an amazing dinner (especially if they can improve on the beef dish).

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                  Looks delicious! And sounds like a really good deal.

                  Has anyone posted tasting menu photos from Hatfield's just for comparison's sake? Or any good reviews on it?

                  1. re: cincodemayo1

           has two reviews, but they're fairly old. One's from Hatfield's old location: One from its current location: I'm sure the menu's changed.

                    Also, in addition to the seasonal and vegetarian tasting menus listed on their website, they have a "spontinee" tasting menu that is not set and depends on what the chef spontaneously decides to make that night. It's I think just under $100/pp.

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                      Perfect, thanks PeterCC. I gotta say it looks pretty damn delicious although like you said I'm sure the menu has changed a bit. Tough decision but I think I'm leaning towards Red Medicine.