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Aug 2, 2012 05:43 PM

Where do you meet new clients or do business meetings?

So I need new spots to meet clients and do business meetings. Comfortable seating for 4, good coffee at a fair price, inexpensive parking nearby. Too much to ask? apparently. I do meetings at second cup and starbucks a lot, but the coffee is ho hum and many have seating that lacks comfort and space for 4 or more. Please recommend anywhere in town that you prefer. Thanks in advance.

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  1. New clients should ALWAYS be something THEY pick and near their offices, scoped in advance by you. Make it as easy as possible for them. Downtown offpeak and offseason, I like Balzacs in the DIstillery, especially if you can tell them in advance to meet you upstairs, and you get there early and secure the space. Easy off the DVP/Gardiner, plentiful meter parking, and no one bothers you. In season and on peak, the Espresso Bar in the "town square" of the SHops At Don MIlls always has plenty of seating indoors and out before noon, a free parking deck, and is two minutes off York Mills exit of DVP.

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      Thanks for the unsolicited business advice??? hehe. Usually my clients want a recommendations from me as I meet clients after business hours, that is why I am open to suggestions for anywhere in town and not just what is convenient to me. Balzacs in the Distillery gets pretty busy and parking is quite expensive. The Espresso Bar rec is much appreciated.

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        I understand your head scratching. That IS a tough combination. Knowing its after business hours you're looking for helps.

        Try Fusilli on Queen at River. Giuseppe pulls a mean espresso and there's free street parking out front.

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          Do think Giuseppe would mind if I took up a table for 4 and only ordered espresso during dinner hours? I have recieved the stink eye from many places(which I understand if I am taking up space for hungry patrons)

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            Everybody's welcome at Fusilli. I've seen meetings at the tables near the kitchen. They're removed enough from the rest that it shouldn't be an issue. Just let him know the deal if you decide to make a reservation.

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      1. There's always Dark Horse. I've had meetings at the one on Spadina before. There's a large communal table which may not work if you need to be hush hush. There's also the one on Queen West. Spadina has a green P nearby and I imagine the Queen location has some street parking.


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          Dark Horse is a great suggestion. Much appreciated wontonfm!

        2. What time of day, exactly, are you interested in? If it's in the 6-8 range, I would have thought that most restaurants wouldn't appreciate you taking up their tables or bar space for a round of coffees so the indie coffee houses, like Dark Horse, are likely your best bet - I'd also recommend Te Aro and Rooster. I've recently had a couple of meetings at Cafe Belong (at the Brickworks), which offers a pretty and more unique setting.