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Aug 2, 2012 05:36 PM

Looking for a restaurant in Toronto that is like Oleana (Boston) and/or Aziza (San Francisco).

In the past months I have thoroughly enjoyed these restaurants and am wondering where to go in Toronto for a similar food experience.

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  1. Try Tabule, the cusine is right for those two examples. I haven't been myself but I hear good things. Not sure it will be quite as fine as those two but I think it's possibly your best shot.

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      having eaten at both oleana and tabule, i really can't see the resemblence. yes, they both are ostensibly based on mediterranean/mideast cooking. but that's pretty much where the resemblance ends. tabule is more than competent, but oleana is an idiosyncratic, chef-driven, inventive and physically gorgeous restaurant. tabule is basically a neighborhood joint turning out better than usual renditions of familiar standbys. i like them both, but they are very different.

    2. There isn't anything even close to either of those. I'm thinking 93 Harbord is closer than Tabule.

      I really wish there was. Even though I personally didn't enjoy Oleana that much I can appreciate what it does for the food scene of that city.

      1. Mideastro in Yorkville, especially the shrimp felafel app (not what you think...), ANY fish main, and the Moroccan tea and cookies for dessert? Can be uneven, but at least they are trying.

        1. I saw a few dishes on Gallery Grill's lunch menu that reminded me of Oleana, and in general their food is, I think, eclectic and inventive in the same way, although the selection is far more limited and not necessarily Turkish/Mediterranean. They reopen in September: