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Aug 2, 2012 05:12 PM

Tips for a surprise 30th in center city PLEASE!

Hey everybody, I'm wondering if anybody has any suggestions for a byob in center city to throw a surprise 30th birthday party for my husband. I'm looking for somewhere that has a private room. Not sure if anyone out there has done something like this recently so any suggestions are greatly appreciated!

Why I am thinking BYOB: 25-30 people + Alcohol + BUDGET= BYOB…rather bring my own choice of beverage.

thank you

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  1. China town is probably your best bet. Lee How Fook perhaps?

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      I was thinking Chinatown too, maybe Sang Kee?

      I feel like a lot of people look for this combination of center city, private room, byob, and budget, but given rents in Center City, it's tough to find an ideal location. Especially on a weekend, it's tough for a byob to give up space for that many people.

      If you are flexible on day or time of day you might have better luck (although you didn't say when). It's not byob, but I have been thinking about seeing if Nomad (pizza and salads) would let me rent their upstairs room on a late Saturday afternoon.

    2. Here's an affordable non-BYOB idea that may work if the crowd is into it. Brauhaus Schmitz will roast a whole pig and and serve sides for $38pp; for an additional $20pp you can get bottomless beer for 2 hours. Not sure if they can do a fully private room but they do have an upstairs section that feels separate and I suspect for 25-30 people you would be taking up the majority of it.

      1. Bistro 7 in Old City had been working on opening a private room upstairs; not sure if it's available yet, but it would be worth a call to find out. It's not too clear on their website how they accommodate private parties.

        1. Bistro 7 does have a sign in their window about a private 2nd floor room, so I guess it's open. Another idea, a bit away from CC, is The Pickled Herron in Fishtown. You would likely take up the whole restaurant - don't know if they would go for that - nice place, v. good food and parking is easy.